Yoga Vida


PRICE: $20/Class

LOCATION: Union Square, TriBeCa, SoHo, Dumbo (BK)


*Above - Outside TriBeCa Location

*Above - Outside TriBeCa Location


A 65 minute class in NYC for under $20?! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

We went in to see what this classic yoga studio is all about. Yoga Vida is straight up, yoga. No frills, no thrills - just the art of yoga and everything that encompasses it. This is a perfect class for people who have never tried yoga, but seasoned yogis would also find challenging. It is the ideal balance between stretching and challenging. Like most yoga classes, every move is reallllly slow but there is purpose behind it. If you think that that spiritual element is a bunch of BS - you know where they ask you to set an intention and find your inner chakra - this may not be the class for you. All those stereotypes that surround the practice come alive at Yoga Vida. The people who attend class are VERY into the meditation element and can contort their bodies into yoga poses you never thought possible. They also probably don't think Y7 is really yoga and they aren't messing around with their armless headstands. But don't be scared off by these yogis, they are all welcoming and are honestly more focused on their own practice as opposed to paying attention to the fact that you keep falling over in the tree pose.

The instructors are there for YOU. They know exactly how to explain each pose and each breath of class. Each instructor will demonstrate, then come around to check out every class individual to make sure they are properly executing the pose. So if you are looking to improve your yoga skills, this is the place to be. If you frequent Y7 and it is the only yoga you know, you may be in for a surprise. Though both classes are yoga based, you would think they were completely different classes. Yoga Vida is soft and serene in everything that they do including the voice of the instructors to the studio space. While the vibes at Y7, as you all know, are loud and harsh (in a good way). They are more into the music whereas Yoga Vida is more into the practice. They offer a wide variety of classes including workshops, retreats, hot yoga, prenatal classes, kids yoga classes and candlelit yoga classes.

*Pictured: Inside TriBeCa Class

*Pictured: Inside TriBeCa Class




The studio is filled with LIGHT. Seems weird to say, but all the boutique fitness studios these days seem to take place in the dark. It is also a very large studio. The Union Square location seemed to hold at least 40 mats. The only thing we didn’t love about the Union Square location was the noise. Since the studio is located right about all that nasty Union Square traffic, hustle and bustle, there were times in class where fire trucks or ambulances would go by and the sirens just really took away from our zen. In our opinion, the Tribeca location is where it’s at.



There isn't really anything new or super lux that we would note here. Since most people who frequent the studio are intense yogi, they tend to BYOMats. There is even a massive wall of yoga mat storage. So if you are looking into a membership - this scenario is ideal for not having to carry around your yoga mat on the subway or to work.

*Above - Front Desk @ TriBeCa Location

*Above - Front Desk @ TriBeCa Location


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.0

Much like the class attendees, the Yoga Vida instructors are true to the yogi stereotype, but they know their shit. Like we mentioned, they are very experienced and are always walking around class to make sure everyone is doing the poses with correct form (so important!). Even if it’s your first time, they will really work with you to make sure you are learning how to do the poses correctly. And yet at the same time, they challenge the regulars with more intricate inversions.



Not a huge sweat factor here (except in the heated vinyasa classes). Yoga Vida is more about the meditation and the stretching element of yoga and less focused on making you sweat. Don’t get us wrong, this is definitely a challenging class, but are still very slow and steady. Vis a vis, not a big sweat factor here.


5. MUSIC: 6.8

The music perfectly fits the class. You’ll hear soft ocean sounds, never any top 40 that you would hear on the radio, and lots of meditative sounds. Check out the “Relax and Unwind” playlist on Spotify. That pretty much exactly what you’re gonna get.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.5

Where else can you get a 65 min class for $20?? We’ll wait. This class is great for beginners and advanced yogis alike. If you’re looking for no frills, no thrills, yoga for yogis. Yoga Vida is the right spot for you.


Class Breakdown: 65 Minutes

Warm Up




Gear needed for class:

Yoga mat - $2

Towel - $1


On ClassPass?:

You know it!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Yoga Vida offers 2X free weeks with 1X free mat and towel rental for new clients for only $25!!

This is basically stealing guys! If you are a new client and want to get into some yoga, take advantage of this offer ASAP.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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