Y7 Studio


PRICE: $25/CLASS - $179/MO.



*Above - Y7 SoHo -  P.S The merch at every location is different (and super cute) *I want it all*

*Above - Y7 SoHo -  P.S The merch at every location is different (and super cute) *I want it all*




This studio started as a pop-up in Williamsburg not too long ago (can you believe??). We feel like they’re following has fully stemmed from their bad-ass black and white imagery and the hip hop one liners that they incorporate into all of their apparel (genius). Also genius, being able to reserve a shower after class. They should instill this at all studios. Early bird gets the worm.



All studio equipment has to be purchased. That means mats and those no slip towels - required, not optional. While we understand the expense that comes with maintaining the quality and newness of this equipment, the class already comes at the premium cost - so can we maybe use the mats fo free??



The instructors here are phenomenal, don't get us wrong. The one critique we have on this class is that the instructors are not demonstrating the moves. Their purpose in class is to guide you and monitor your form. That means that any yoga beginners might need to follow off the person next to them.


*Above - Y7 Flatiron

*Above - Y7 Flatiron


All classes are hot yoga class, which by definition means you are leaving looking like you just came out of the pool. Unlike regular hot yoga classes that just heat the room, this class uses infrared technology to heat you from the inside out. Talk about hot!!


5. MUSIC: 8.8

Unlike literally any other yoga studio in business, Y7 plays hip-hop and rap music during your flow. Can we just say - YASSS! This is just what our dull downward dog needed. Though some people may find rap music hard to meditate too, we absolutely LOVE the new age addition to this ancient practice.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.5

Like we said, it is not cheap to come here. They are on Classpass (TG) drop ins are $25. But can we include the cost of the mats and towels? Plz. Lugging a yoga mat around NYC is not ideal to say the least. Minus the mat rental we are coming back to this class again and again. Especially on hip-hop Wednesdays.



*Above - Y7 SoHo

*Above - Y7 SoHo

I’m sure you’ve seen the “started at the bottom” stairs all over insta (unless you live under a rock). I myself am not a huge yogi; I’m not super bendy, nor do I feel like I burn as many calories as I would doing say, spin (this is yoga). But, I do enjoy myself some hot yoga. Something about stretching in what is basically a sauna, makes me feel I'm walking out 5lbs lighter.

So basically, the main difference between Y7 and regular yoga is that:

A. it’s pitch black, hot as hell, and candle lit. So, if you’re feeling like jamming to the music and chilling out in child’s pose the entire class, none of those other yogis can judge.

B. they play amazing rap music from the early 90's, through some serious jams from the early 2000s and 2010's. Think Tribe Called Quest, and Biggie to OutKast, Jay-Z and Kanye. The class I’m writing about happened to be Outkast themed - “roses really smell like poo-oo-oo” #middleschoolmemories.

The other thing I should note about this class is that it’s not the relaxed, slower paced, stretching based yoga that you may be used to. Y7 is all about strengthening - so think lots of planks, v-ups, and downward dogs. I am still discovering new muscles in my arms after this class. I would definitely recommend having some knowledge of the yoga positions and/or done a yoga class prior. Because the room is so dark, the teacher is there to guide you through the class, not so much to demonstrate the moves. The class is broken down into 3 flows. The instructors slowly talk you through the flow about 3-4 times. This is your time to get the moves down before they crank the rap music and you’re on your own to successfully move through the sequence as many times as possible.

Overall, I’m giving this class an 8.4. I absolutely love their badass chic, black and white vibe. The music choice is also a superb touch. I would have liked a little more direction from the instructor as I am not so well versed in the Art of Yoga. But on the list of Yoga classes to try definitely move Y7 to the top!

*Above - Y7 Union Square

*Above - Y7 Union Square


Class Breakdown: 60 minutes

3 flows

5 minutes of Abs


Items needed for class:

Yoga Mat - $2

Yoga Towels (A big towel that prevents you from slipping on your sweaty mat) - $3

Some BS ^^^





🙏🏼Pro Tip (S):

- Not all studios are created equal (AKA. have showers). So, if you are one of those early morning class-goers, make sure to either reserve a shower (Welcome to 2018!) prior to class on the Y7 site. Especially those of you who need a shower to look somewhat acceptable before rolling into the office at 9am.

- No they don't have a phone number... So go early, some of the locations can be tricky to find!


Signed, The Class Cult.

Check em' out on IG: @Y7Studio