Title Boxing


PRICE: $35/Intro Class, $ Monthly Membership


SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧💧/5  



We’re on a little bit of a boxing kick right now (if you couldn’t tell). So we decided to check out the NYC location of this nation wide boxing studio. Title boxing is a 60 minute boxing class done on an individual heavy bag. Upon walking into the studio, that is pretty much all you’ll see. 30+ bags, 1 instructor. This is a no frills no thrills boxing studio. Maybe we’re a little spoiled in NYC that all of our boutique fitness studios seems to have better facilities and showers than our own apartments, but this studio is true to form a little gritty. No pristine white walls or $50 shampoo in the showers. They are straight up, just boxing. And we’re cool with that. It’s mostly about the workout right? We like to think of Title as Shadowbox’s dirty older brother that taught her everything she knows ;).

Now onto the actual workout. The class is a full 60 minutes, with a 15 minute warm up, 8,3 minute rounds of boxing, and 15 minutes of abs of course. 8, 3 minute rounds may not sounds like a lot, but trust us, by round 5 you’ll be begging for the abs section. There is a clock that signifies each round, we don’t recommend watching (makes the time go much more slowly). Just keep going girl! The instructors are totally intense and everything you would want your personal trainer to be, large in muscle and ruthless in their tactic. They come around to each bag, holding it for the class goer, while yelling at them to punch harder! Punch faster! This is what we love about the studio, the authentic nature of the studio and the instructors. You’re not going to see Instagram models or fitness “influencers” posing with their gloves at this studio (aka Rumble). But, the instructors WILL teach you to perfect your technique if you show them you are interested in the craft.




The studio is made up mostly of the heavy bags. The bags are all lined up in the middle of the room, making it little difficult to see the instructor. So, be sure to grab a bag in the center if you want to be able to see what is going on. Like we said, you’re not going to come to this studio for the luxury studio experience. This is an authentic boxing experience. Think boxing heavy bags, a little sweaty musk, lockers, bathroom and that’s pretty much it!



The boxing gloves haven’t been replaced in years, it seems. You can feel the dampness as soon as you put them on. And even though you may be wearing your own clean wraps, your hands will still smell like other peoples sweat - for DAYS. You’ll have to wash your hands a handful of times to completely remove the smell. AKA bring your own gloves. If you don’t have them, seriously think about investing in a pair if you’re going to dabble in the boxing world.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.0

These are legit MMA guys. Super intense and a little scary. They will put your other boxing instructors muscles to shame. If you need someone screaming at you in order to workout, this is the place. The instructor will walk around to each person in class - when it’s your turn, you’ll be punching so hard out of straight fear of disappointing these crazy intense men. Because they can and they will yell!



The instructors make it reallll sweaty in this boxing class. You are constantly switching between power punches and continuous, fast paced punches. Plus, the instructors are so intense that it just makes you want to punch harder and go faster just so that they won't come over and yell at you. You will be able to tell the what the sweat factor is as soon as you walk into the musky, sweaty studio.


5. MUSIC: 7.7

EDM BEATS! Personally, we love a good fast paced EDM song to workout to. There always seems to be an hour long EDM set playing during our Title Boxing classes. None of that Spotify, song to song listening. We’ve said it before, we hate when there is a lull in the music, while you're trying to push yourself to your limit during a workout. We’re digging the music choice in this class.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.1

If you’re not into the frills/amenities other studios provide and just want a straight up boxing experience, head over to title. Classpass members can dabble in a class or two, but this is a membership based studio.



Class Breakdown: 60 Minutes

15 Minutes - Cardio Warm Up

8 Rounds of 3 minute Heavy Bag Rounds

15 Minutes - Abs


Gear needed for class:

Wraps - $10

Boxing gloves - free to rent, but let us tell you, they are STINKY


On ClassPass?:

It is! 10 credits people


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

They advertise a “free intro class” online. But don’t be fooled. Being in NYC the “greatest city on earth” comes with a price. And Title Boxing is no exception. Studios outside of NYC offer the first class free, but in NYC you will pay $35 to try it out. If you do decide to purchase a membership, you will be deducted the $35. OR just keep booking on ClassPass.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @titleboxing.nyc