The Fhitting Room


PRICE: $38/class



*Above - Fhitting Room Flatiron

*Above - Fhitting Room Flatiron




The most space we’ve seen at a studio. It’s giant. No cult vibes here either. Everyone who comes here is looking to get a major ass kicking. A few of the locations also have a ‘Fhit Pit’ for smaller classes + privates.



This studio has EVERY piece of equipment you would ever need! And it’s all state of the art. From kettle bells to TRX to rowing machines. Makes for an extra sweaty, full-body workout.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 9.0

So there are two instructors in each class. One is there to perfect form/demonstrate the moves and the other is there to lead the class/give you motivation. Like we said, they’re total badasses - they can do every move with ease.



Every single move is designed to make you sweat. From burpees to kettlebell swings to push ups. There’s no way you’ll leave this class without sweat dripping down your face (and wanting the lay on the floor for hours post-class).


5. MUSIC: 8.1

There is a lot of instruction, but it is completely necessary for the class. When the music does come on - it’s blasting and pushing you through the excruciating moves. *we love dat*


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.4

We highly recommend Fhitting Room. You could probably come here once a week and burn as many calories as you would doing 5 yoga classes. Talk about efficiency.




*Above - Fhitting Room UES

*Above - Fhitting Room UES


We’re going to start this off by telling a little story about a song called ‘Roxanne’. The last class we attended started out with the instructors playing this little number by The Police. I have fond memories of this song playing the song in my parent’s house growing up while we pranced around the house. Welp - this song has now forever been tarnished by my last Fhitting Room Experiance (they warned us about this). Every time The Police sang “Roxanne” you have to do a burpee. 1X “Roxanne” = 1X Burpee.

Note: We are not great with burpees, we understand it’s something that comes with practice, but I swear, the more you do the harder (and clearly more effective) they get. Anyways, the song starts out with a few ‘Roxanne’s’ and by mid-song, all they’re singing is “Roxanne” watching our struggle and by the end of 5 minutes you’ve done what seems to be 1,000 burpees – and that was just the warm up (catching my breath). *We still swear it was the longer-remix*

I can best describe Fhitting Room as CrossFit’s trendier, younger brother we have a crush on. The class is set up similarly to CrossFit, but brings a new age, fresh, welcoming studio vibe. The workout is focused on strength training and endurance, all under the umbrella of a HIIT workout. The instructors are SERIOUS bad asses and we’re confident they could do this workout in without breaking a sweat. Their entire bodies are so rippedddd – we initially almost turned back around after checking in. But realistically, who wants to be taught by someone out of shape? (We hate that). Each class has two instructors who work together to motivate and keep an eye on your form. We’re personally fans of the concept because we’re always we’re always learning some new exercise and if your paying $38/class you better leave feeling like you did the workout correctly. *i.e. Kettle Bell Figure Eight* (shit is madness).

The studio is a big open floor filled with every possible fitness equipment you could dream up, i.e. TRX, rowing machines, assault bikes, kettlebells, and medicine balls, just to name a few. The class is a lot of hard work but in our opinion - but it goes by fast because the instructors are all the Between the burpees, the kettlebell lifts, and rowing, you can be sure that every single area of your body is getting werkeddd.

*Above - Fhitting Room Flatiron (4X Showers + great products!)

*Above - Fhitting Room Flatiron (4X Showers + great products!)


Class Breakdown: 45 minutes

50 minutes

1 song warm up

4 rotations of 1-minute works


Cool down – i.e. just lay on the floor so your body can recover


Gear needed for class:

A willing body


On ClassPass?:



🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

*Above - Fhitting Room Flatiron - daily Insta-worthy captions

*Above - Fhitting Room Flatiron - daily Insta-worthy captions

For beginners, try a Fhit Fundamentals class. A perfected form will always show great results, not jumping around doing the sequences half ass.

Also, ASK. If you don’t know how much weight you should be pulling, if you dont feel something everyone else is sweating over, or you have any pain - SPEAK UP!

Signed, The Class Cult.

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