Switch Playground


PRICE: $35/Class

LOCATION: Union Square, Soho


SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧💧/5   


*Above - Outside Switch Playground - Union Square

*Above - Outside Switch Playground - Union Square

THE CULT’s Commentary:

**Insert SWITCH by Will Smith**

Yes, we just brought back that song from 2005 - but its 100% because Switch Playground’s live DJ’s play it at the start of each class. (And ever since taking their class we can't. stop. singing. it. UGH!) After many weeks of testing out pretty much every kickboxing class in the scene, we’re back in HITTi mode. We do love circuit classes, but when we heard there was a live DJ, we were all ears.

We hadn’t really heard much about switch prior to The Cult. The major players that you always hear about are advertising Barry’s and Fhitting room. In the spirit of bringing well deserved studios to light, we’re bring Switch Playground into the mix.

Switch playground brings every type of work out you have probably ever encountered into a 60-minuite throwdown. How, you might ask? Stations - lots and lots of stations. The class is set up so (depending on the class size) you and a partner are rotating around roughly 20 different workout stations which can vary in style and intensity. Each station lasts for a total of 2 minutes before you ‘SWITCH’ to the next. These stations are made up of spin bikes, treadmills, kettlebells, TRX machines, mini-trampolines, etc. - targeting every single muscle in your body. And we have to say, we were prettyyy sore after taking their class, so much actually that it inflicted on our other workout plans (lols). If you’re still trying to figure what type of workout is right for you, Switch is your new place of discovery. It had been a minute since we used a stair-stepper, and Switch brought that back into our lives. Maybe you want to try a kettlebell workout, or want to get into deadlifting or running. You can try it out at Switch all while getting an INTENSE full body workout. Do note that its loud and their isn’t much room for direction or form correction by the trainers - it’s mostly simon-says with your eyes.

*Pictured: Entering class

*Pictured: Entering class




These studios are massive!! They have about 25 different stations that use different machinery to give you a glimpse of every type of workout...possibly ever? You can find spin bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals, and TRX machines. But, there are also stations where you use kettlebells, dumbbell, those big squares that you have to jump on top of. Literally anything and everything you could want is here, in one room. You’re probably now wondering how they fit all that equipment into one room for everyone in the class. Well, you work out as a pair and rotate stations, so there is only ever two people on each piece of equipment at a time.


We are less impressed by the quality of equipment here and more impressed with the vast array of equipment options that they fit into one studio. If you’ve visited Brrrn, you’ll see top of the line workout equipment that we have yet to see at any other gym (their also brand-new). That’s not the case with Switch. It is your run of the mill studio equipment, nothing fancy, nothing super lux; which, don’t get us wrong - we have nothing against - we’re simply giving you the low down and comparison and the equipment here is a little overused as many things are broken and need some love or to be replaced.

*Above - During Class.

*Above - During Class.

3. INSTRUCTOR(s):7.9

From what we’ve found, there are typically 2-4X instructors in any given NYC workout class. If there is more than one, that second instructor is there to help direct you to a station and at times-correct form. At Switch there is one lead instructor (depending on class size) and additional trainers that help lead the workout at each station. There is so much going on in this class - they are all needed! You don’t want to be wasting time trying to explain and demonstrate (and remember) what workout has to be done at each station. We appreciate the attentiveness and the fact that we don’t have to remember what needs to happen at each station, even though your first time at Switch will be trying to figure out where the hell you’re suppose to be.



Like we always say, cardio will make you SWEAT! And combining cardio with weight training…. Double whammy. You can just tell, purely by seeing the studio equipment that you’re going to need a long shower after class. Switch brings the sweat, the speed, and the heat. If you’re taking this class pre work day, you’re definitely going to want to budget time for a nice long shower (which they have, tg.)


5. MUSIC: 8.2

We LOVE when there is a live DJ in class. They know how to mix those sick beats as the class builds, unlike any Spotify playlist. It adds another level of hype, another level of motivation to the class. The music is KEY and we commend Switch for adding this element to their class. This should become the status quo… do you not agree?

6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.6

Yet another NYC studio that is going to cost you close to $40 for an hour of work. I guess we’re used to it by now right? Although, we did love how sore we were after class; which we feel is how you know how hard you work. But, we must say - two minutes on each station just didn’t feel long enough. As soon as we were justttt starting to feel the burn, you were getting up for the next station. Regardless, a great discovery tool if you’re still trying to get a feel for a few different HITT movements you’ve been afraid to attempt at the gym.


Class Breakdown: 60 Minutes

Warm Up - yoga

Station Rotation - 2 min per station

Cool Down


Gear needed for class:

Water, lots of water.


On ClassPass?:

Yes ma’am!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

If you are trying Switch Playground for the first time, don’t waste your ClassPass credits - first timers get a free class!

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @SwitchPlayground