Swerve Fitness


PRICE: $34/class



*Above - Swerve Midtown

*Above - Swerve Midtown


*Above - Swerve Midtown

*Above - Swerve Midtown



For being an NYC studio, Swerve's got a lot of space. They even have a built in juice bar - in all their locations which are so convenient for those AM classes where you haven’t put anything in your stomach and need to run to work. There is such a great community around Swerve that you can sense right when you walk into the studio. No cult vibes here, just plain camaraderie. 



Clean and tech-savvy. Oh, and we love the consuls on the bikes. They break down your resistance and your RPM to make it easy to follow along with the beat of class. The scores are all pulled together onto the screens to show you where your team stacks up against the other teams - for us, this is the biggest push forward, beat the other teams! 



These instructors are real down to earth people, not models screaming at you from a podium. They invest in their students and want to see them succeed. Jason and Dyan are our favorites.



It’s all about resistance in this class, not so much speed. Adding on that resistance pushes your legs to the absolute max! This means major major increase in the sweat factor.  


5. MUSIC: 7.9

*Above - Swerve Midtown 

*Above - Swerve Midtown 

As stated above I think there is less focus on the music in this class and more focus on instruction. While we love our form being perfected, in this setting we love to get lost in the music. Depending on the instructor’s taste, you may get rap music, EDM, top 40 - some not so conducive to the speed of the class.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.7

It’s cheaper than Soul and you don't have to pay for spin shoes! We would say that Swerve has the mind of a cyclist looking to improve form and strength while Soul has the mind of a choreographer with less form and much more speed. There is definitely a split in the clientele. We highly recommend if you’re trying to veer away from those cult vibes and improve stamina.


*Above -- Screeen-shot of your personal results emailed to you post-class

*Above -- Screeen-shot of your personal results emailed to you post-class


There are a lot of spin classes out there nowadays. What makes them different? Why wouldn’t I just pay the money to go to SoulCycle, which I know I love? I think Swerve does a really great job of creating a new kind of spin class, one that motivates by creating a competitive element and focusing on resistance. Me, I am extremely competitive in everything I do. If the person on the treadmill next to me is running at 6.5mph, I am going to run at 7mph. I’m just cutthroat like that ;). Swerve takes this mentality and applies it to your workout. Each bike has its own consul that displays your RPMs and resistance. The RPM and resistance numbers then combine through some algorithm I have not quite mastered, to produce your score that is displayed at the top of the consul. The *harder and faster you go; the higher your Swerve score is going to be - math. For those of you who are tone deaf or can’t quite figure out how fast your feet should be going in relation to the beat of the music, these consuls will be your best friend. The instructor tells you what RPMs you should be at for each song and what number your resistance should be on (no slackers allowed). The class is broken out into 3 teams: red, blue and green. When you book your bike you’ll know what team you’re on. Each team rides against each other to compete for the ultimate prize: bragging rights. It’s the carrot dangling at the end of your bike, how fast and hard can you ride in order to beat the other teams? Your team has to win!

Now Ladies, of all the spin classes I’ve been to, Swerve definitely has the most good-looking seemingly strait guys I’ve ever seen. This definitely has to do with the format of the class. I hate to bring up Soul again in this review, but whereas SoulCycle is heavily focused on choreography and the beat of the music, Swerve is focused on strength and competition. And I think any guy would lean more towards the latter.

*Above - Swerve Flatiron

*Above - Swerve Flatiron


Class Breakdown: 45 minutes

1 song warm up

X song spinning

1 song upper body session

x song spinning

1 song cool(er) down

1 song stretch


Gear needed for class:

Spin Shoes – Free (YES you read that right)


On ClassPass?:

Thank god, yes.


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Get there early and have a the instructor or a studio-worker explain how to read your consul and the 'game'. It helps you get more involved in the class / AKA a better workout. 

P.S. There is a smoothie bar in the studio. Write your order on the sheet next to your bike number and have a smoothie waiting for you as soon as you leave class.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @SWERVEFitness