PRICE: $34/class



*Above - Spiderbands - Studio Space

*Above - Spiderbands - Studio Space




Spiderbands started as a pop-up in Brooklyn and have recently moved to their giant Union Square location. They have 3 floors - 2 studios and a check in area - massive amounts of space for NYC. With all their space, they are able to give ample space to everyone in class, we hate when studios pack you into a room just to get the highest return on their investment. We also have to talk about the showers (we all know its a vital part of the studio experience). The showers are to die for, like what you might find at a 5 star hotel. Not only are they super nice but they are also cleaned after every class! Never again do you have to stare at the leftover hair balls of the many girls before you. We would come here every morning just to indulge.



Spiderbands has the added advantage that they are a brand new studio. So naturally, everything is new and clean. We know that their equipment will stay this way too - they make sure to always have the studio cleaned and reset after each class. A special CC shout out to the Spiderbands cleaning staff!


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.5

If you’ve been to these boutique fitness studios that we’ve been reviewing, you’ll notice that the instructors do not do the class with you 75% percent of the time. The instructors at Spiderbands do the ENTIRE class with you. We always feel more inclined to push ourselves when the instructor is right there sweating it out with you. In our class, Joey was jumping, punching, and motivating us all at the same time - while we were too out of breath to even speak.


*Above - Spiderbands 

*Above - Spiderbands 


The resistance bands alone will make you break out in a major sweat - then add in the constant jumping on trampolines, we were dying even after the warm up. While most full body workouts target each section of your body at different points throughout the class, Spiderbands classes work every single part of your body the entire 50 minutes while maintaining an intense cardio aspect. We’re sweating just thinking about it.  


5. MUSIC: 8.8

Music was on point with the speed and intensity of the class. Even when we felt like our legs were about to detach from our bodies from the constant resistance and trampoline workout, the music was there to motivate us through the choreography. We could have sworn there was a live DJ in the class... but it was just a curated playlist of some pretty sick beats.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.6

This is a MUST try class. There isn’t really any other class like it in NYC right now. We have to admit, we were sore for many days post class in every single part of our bodies - the kind of sore that keeps you coming back for more.

P.S. We highly recommend starting with the Signature class to get used to the format/equipment of the class.




*Above - Spiderbands

*Above - Spiderbands


Have you ever found yourself jumping on a trampoline while being suspended by bungee cords and lunging off of the side of a punching bag? We got major spiderman vibes from this Jumpstrike class. Never have we ever been suspended in thin air nor had resistance bands on both our hands and feet in a fitness class. This new studio on the block will have you doing moves you did not know your body was capable of and finding new muscles you didn’t know you had.

There is a LOT going on in this class. First, everyone is set up with their own individual trampoline, to exhaust you thoroughly by constantly jumping throughout class. Next, each person in class has their own set of hand and feet resistance bands that hang from the ceiling and are also used throughout class to add a muscle toning aspect. Then add in punching a boxing bag (also jumping on the bag, off the bag, and swaying in mid air) - this is the JumpStrike Spiderdands class. In our opinion, we would only recommend this specific Spiderbands class to the seasoned boutique fitness class veteran. They do offer a different type of class every day of the week. The JumpStrike class may be for someone that has taken a trampolean class, and would describe themselves coordinated. If any of the above does not describe you, we propose starting with a Spiderbands signature class. In this class you will use the resistance bands, but there is no trampoline involved.

You can find out what class is best suited for your skill level by checking out the class videos on the Spiderbands website. While most studios simply describe in a short paragraph what to expect in each of their classes, Spiderbands shows you a video of exactly what each class entails. We love this extra feature on the site - most of the time after we have read a studio’s three sentence class description, we are still left not knowing what we can expect in class. We’ve seen some people come into workout classes and have no idea what they are doing. Maybe this is the first time they are trying group fitness classes or maybe they just are not super coordinated. In this class you always have to be on it. So, knowing what to expect before the class and being able to knowledgeably choose what class you should be taking is key.

So if you’re getting bored of your run of the mill spin class or maybe you’ve just been to Barry’s 1 too many times, may we suggest trying out a Spiderbands class. 


*Above - Spiderbands 

*Above - Spiderbands 


Class Breakdown: 50 minutes



Spiderman activities 


Gear needed for class:

Boxing/grip gloves


On ClassPass?:

Unfortunately it is not


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

We would not recommend the JumpStrike class for beginners. If you’ve never before taken a class with those long resistance bands hanging off the ceiling, you may want to start with their signature class. You'll get to work solely with the bands and learn how to use them before throwing more equipment into the mix.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @Spiderbands