Soul Cycle






*Above - Soul Cycle Union Square

*Above - Soul Cycle Union Square


Studios are very clean: there is a cleaning crew come through after each class (major key). Being in New York, studios have a very tight space. It is hard to maneuver in and out of the lockers between classes. This is strange, but the scent of the studio is to dieee for. Probably why they created a candle for it!



You may have heard - Soul just got new bikes! We haven’t decided which we like better, but the new bikes are chic AF. The spin shoe rentals are a little smelly, though they do do a good job of replacing them every so often - it’s just part of having a shoe rental option at a top spin studio.



Instructors always vary, but part of SoulCycle’s whole differentiating element is that they bring that inspirational factor. Not going to lie, if we’ve had a bad day/week their inspirational quotes really strike and cord and push us harder.



Resistance is key. Not to be cliché, but you get what you put in. You can sit there with no resistance on the bike and get a little sweaty, but what’s the point? If you follow the instructor’s direction in this class, you’ll leave red faced and dripping in sweat.


5. MUSIC: 9.6

If you have been reading the blog, you’ll have noticed music is crucial to the rating. At Soul they turn the music so loud that you’ll see a good number of riders with earplugs. We on the hand love the club-like volume, blasting music – combined with the pitch-black room, it makes you forget where you are.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.6

GREAT workout! We can see why they have grown into a nationwide company. We, however, need a little change-up from the lower body workout so would recommended changing it up with some HIIT or Pilates classes.

*Above - Soul Cycle Union Square

*Above - Soul Cycle Union Square


First post on the blog; we have... SoulCycle. Now, if you haven’t heard of SoulCycle you may be living under a rock or refuse to participate in all that $36 workout class mumbo jumbo. Back in the earlier years of Soul, one might feel more obliged to try a class not having ever experienced a spin class or boutique workout class for that matter. Nowadays, it’s quite exclusive. And for those of you that go to Soul on the West Coast, or any other city that isn’t New York, you may think that what I am about to write is overly exaggerated. But clearly, you have not been to Akin or Connors class at the Soho, NY studio. 

As soon as you walk in, you can already detect the cliques. There are the “Daddy bought me a 10-class pack just because” girls decked out in soul cycle gear and the “I gotta stay hot for my billionaire husband” 40-somethings who are all glaring at the newbies, making sure that they do not sit in the front row and throw off the entire beat of the class.

Don’t get me wrong, at one point in my NYC life I totally bought into this whole SoulCyle cult. I wanted to take class as much as my Sales Assistant at a Publishing Company’s bank account could afford. I was spending money I didn’t have on classes and making friends with front desk people so that they would put me in the class as their guest, seeking out every way to get a free class. To this day I still think it is one of the best work out classes in New York.

I am the type of person that when I pay $30+ for a class, I better leave that class dripping in sweat and about to go down a pant size. I love the when the music is pounding so loud I can’t hear my legs saying ‘I’m not gonna make it, sit back down on your fat ass!’ So, if you’re like me and you feed off the energy of the people and the beat of the music, I would put SoulCycle on your must-try list.


*Above - Soul Cycle SoHo

*Above - Soul Cycle SoHo

THE Class Breakdown: 45 minutes

1 song warm up
X song spinning
1 song upper body session
1 song cool(er) down
1 song stretch

Items needed for class:

Spin shoes - $3


LOL, no

🙏🏼Pro Tip:

If this is your first class, I would highly recommend not booking a bike in the front row. The girls who sit in the front row are on every beat like it’s their job. I once sat in the front and was told by the instructor that I should move to the 2nd or 3rd row in my next class, true story.


Signed, The Class Cult.

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