SkyTing Yoga


PRICE: $24/class



*Above - SkyTing Yoga, Chinatown

*Above - SkyTing Yoga, Chinatown




This studio space is everything. At the Chinatown location, you walk up the stairs into what seems like a foreign oasis of greenery and lighting - two very scarce anomalies in NYC. All studios have a minimalist chic decor. All white with wood flooring. What we love most is the light and airy feel that is brought on by the massive windows that surround the studio (hence the name - SKY ting).



No mat rentals - thank you. Everything is neatly placed in the large cubbies located in the studio. I know some studios charge mat rentals because they are cleaning the mats for you. But, what does that cost like 5 cents? With our schedule, there is no way we’re schlepping a yoga mat around the city just to save a few bucks. Thank you SkyTing for providing!


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.4

The instructors at SkyTing are serene and calm in their movements and voices. Everything you expect from a yoga teacher - and the only way you would want them to be. They guide you through your practice and perfect your movements with a knowledgeable and keen eye.



This is more of a stretch based yoga - the traditional yoga class that you know and (might) love. Like we said, in yoga you’re not going to sweat a ton but it’s great for the mind, body, and soul.  


5. MUSIC: 6.7

The music that you’ll find in this class is more sounds than music in this class. The instructor plays the kind of songs you might find on a Spotify playlist called “acoustic calm” or “backporch blues.” The music definitely isn't at the forefront of this class, but it does pair well with the peaceful vibes.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.8

Classes are only $24. We are so jaded from NYC class pricing that we say it’s ONLY $24 - lol. We keep coming back to this studio for the peaceful vibes and the skylight views. Definitely worth the $$.  




*Above - SkyTing Yoga, Chinatown

*Above - SkyTing Yoga, Chinatown


So, we’ve been trying a lot of yoga classes lately - we try them all until we hit them all. And we have to say, we’re liking the practice more and more. Our favorite part is definitely the shavasana, a new iteration of nap time in an adult world - but there are some other aspects we enjoy too. Although you don’t get the same calorie burn as a HIIT class, sometimes you just need a good hour of stretch and meditation (especially after doing cardio and weights all week). One rainy morning, we decided to pay SkyTing yoga a visit. You may have seen pictures on Instagram of the giraffe stuffed animal standing in the corner of a beautifully lit room - aka Henry the Giraffe. Their studio is everything that sets them apart from every other yoga studio in the city. They have these skylights that transport you out of NYC and into the clouds. All the best parts of rooftop yoga, but you can participate year round without freezing your ass off!

We don’t know if it was the rain hitting the windows in an ever so soothing manor or the fact that we had done multiple HIIT classes that week and needed the stretch, but we left the class completely refreshed and finding a new appreciation for downward dogs and chaturangas. Though we have routinely sung praises about Y7 yoga, we have to compare SkyTing in a completely different light. These two studios are the complete opposite of one another. Where as Y7 is all about solidarity in the darkness, the concept behind SkyTing is light feeding the soul. Y7 blasts rap music while SkyTing plays calming, soothing sounds. Yoga for two different kinds of yogis. Their goal is to create an all inclusive yoga experience for all levels - and they have done a great job of doing just this. There were all different types of yogis in the class, and we didn't feel like any of them were throwing judgements for the fact that we weren't able to do a headstand (not even attempting to try that). 

We highly recommend this class if you're looking for chill vibes and a getaway into the rooftop clouds of NYC. This studio WINS for location and ambiance. We wish we could do every class on a roof - but the SkyTing location comes as a close second.


*Above - SkyTing Yoga, Chinatown 

*Above - SkyTing Yoga, Chinatown 


Class Breakdown: 60 minutes




Gear needed for class:

A yoga mat - provided


On ClassPass?:

Yes, indeed


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

This is a BYO dry shampoo studio. Though you may not sweat much in this class, you will need to bring your own products to freshen up! They do have samples in store of different oils and scrubs, but as for the bathroom amenities, zero.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @SkyTingYoga