PRICE: $34/Class







We’re are obsessed with the white and blue branding (très chic). And you know we always love a clean studio with all the amenititessss - Shadowbox has perfectly kept bathrooms with every post class grooming product you could ever want. Each studio also has a massive boxing ring that we’re pretty sure are just for the Muhammad Ali-esque pics. But, they’re not just a pretty studio. Shadowbox does collabs with some pretty cool artist that designed a wall in the studio as well as a lot of their gear. Need. All. The. Gear.



Have you seen their boxing gloves?? You know, the pristine white gloves with the blue X? What you didn’t know, is that they rotate their gloves out when they begin in wear. Ummm….. thank you!!! We haven’t invested in our own gloves yet, so we are always using rentals and leaving class with our hands smells like major BO (so fucking nasty). But, FINALLY a boxing studio where we aren’t completely grossed out by the equipment. The rentals are great, but their new silver boxing gloves are to dieee. Really making us want to  invest in our own pair.



3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.9

There is a lot of technique that goes into shadowboxing. Yes, there is an exact formula for a jab, cross ladies. So, we appreciate instructors who are hands on. But, hands on doesn’t have to mean stopping the entire class to demonstrate. The instructors at Shadowbox teach you technique, but make you WRK at the same time. They specifically tailor their classes to incorporate rounds of strength, endurance, technique, power, speed. There is never a point where you are standing still - aka active recovery - bringing us to our absolute limit!

AND when you feel like you can’t lift your arms for another hook uppercut, the instructors are there to encourage and keep you going to you can’t go anymore.



We haven’t found a boxing class that ranks high on the sweat factor scale, until now. The key here is the ‘active recovery’ - there is not a moment in class where you are stopping to hold someone’s bag or stopping to watch the instructor teach the combo. We love this! The problem we have had with boxing classes in the past is there seems to be a lot of standing around. We want to MOVE for the hour that we paid for. This is also not just an upper body workout. The instructors incorporate different full body movements including burpees, mountain climbers, and jump squats.


5. MUSIC: 8.1

We mentioned the different rounds on the heavy bag that you will experience during class. You know, strength, endurance, technique, power, speed? The music is cued to each one of these rounds with songs that you actually want to listen to during a workout. So think those slow, sexy drake beats during the power portions, and those heartfelt, beat centric house songs for the speed rounds. Instructors perfectly tailor music to each section of the class.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.3

Boxing classes sometimes have the notion of being a primarily upper body workout. You all know that when we take a work out class, where we are putting in our time and money, we want to make the most of it (every inch of the body). Shadowbox changes the game with their boxing influenced, full-body workout. We urge you to try it out for yourself! The instructors know exactly how to work the core, legs, AND upper body. We love.

*Above - Gloves for Shadowbox

*Above - Gloves for Shadowbox


We’ve been a little skeptical on boxing/kickboxing classes in the past. Most of our experience has been a lot showing and less doing. We stand there, for what seems like half the class, watching the instructor demonstrate the seemingly over complicated combo which then leads to more standing while you hold someone’s punching bag for them. We’re not sure if there just aren’t enough heavy bags in the studio for all the students or if you do actually need someone to hold the bag still (Anyone know? Send help). Shadowbox has forever changed our skepticism, becoming our new favorite boxing class. We were constantly moving, constantly punching, and non stop sweating. Where most instructors have you watch and learn the combo, Shadowbox keeps the combo simple and keeps the demonstrations to a minimum. Demonstrations are only done when the rest of the class is doing jumping jacks, jump squats, or burpees to name a few. Active recovery is the name of the game.

What we have to note about Shadowbox, is their awesome collabs. They regularly host free classes with Outdoor Voices aka one of our favorite fitness wear brands. This summer they are hosting free classes in collaboration with Outdoor Voices at the rooftop of the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg. Otherwise known as our ideal way of spending a Saturday morning. We tried to get one a spot in this apparently super coveted class, but was sold out in the first 45 minutes. We’re still hoping someone cancels last min!! The other notable partnership is with Brooklyn artist, Katie Merz. If you have visited their Flatiron location, you’ve probably taken an insta in front of the wall Katie Merz designed. All the merch also features this same print. AKA super cute, original gear you can’t find at Bandier. Stay tuned, we might just be planning something special in collab with this studio.

*Above - Shadowbox Flatiron 

*Above - Shadowbox Flatiron 


Class Breakdown: 45 Minutes

Warm Up

2 Shadowbox rounds

12 Heavy Bag rounds

  • Technique, power, speed, conditioning, endurance, strength

  • Active recovery in between


Gear needed for class:

Wraps - $4

Gloves - $1 to rent (though if you come often, we suggest getting your own pair)


On ClassPass?:

Sadly, no


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Book a bag towards the middle of class. There are about 40 bags hanging from the ceiling in any given studio, so naturally it is a little difficult to see the instructor in you’re standing all the way in the back of the room.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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