Pop Physique


PRICE: $32/class



*Above - Pop Physique UES

*Above - Pop Physique UES



LOVE, love, love, the cherry and banana wallpaper. It’s super mod without being to cutesy – an aesthetic we strive for. One strike against the studio is that there are no showers. So, unless you live near the studio, not the optimal am workout choice.



The studio is new and therefore the equipment as well. You can tell they take care of their equipment because although the studio has been there a year, there is little wear and tear.



The instructors were really great at perfecting our form. Which, for this type of class is super important, but didn’t necessarily have that drive you to your breaking point element.



This is not a high cardio class, so you’re not going to get that automatic sweat factor. But, the sheer burn of the ass and ab moves will have you sweating throughout the day just to walk up the subway steps. You will be burning calories long after you leave the studio. Who wouldn't love this?


5. MUSIC: 7.3

In a Pilates class, you’re not going to want to music bumpin, but you do want some sort of motivating background tune. At this particular studio, the music seemed to be a well thought out playlist, but definitely not at the forefront of the class agenda.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.9

Out of all the barre classes we’ve taken, this is by far our favorite. Never have we ever felt like our asses were immediately sculpted and lifted. Will be coming back once our we can walk again ;).


*Above - Pop Physique Bowery

*Above - Pop Physique Bowery

A few years ago, a guy wrote an article for BroBible (don’t ask me why I was reading this) where he tried a barre class. He described himself as a pretty fit guy who lifted weights at the gym 4-5x per week. He had heard all his girlfriends talking about barre, so he decided to give it a shot. He hilariously describes it as one of the hardest, most bizarre experiences he’s ever had. I think of this article every time I take a barre class cause it’s so hilariously true that none of those bros could ever survive in the classes we girls do on a daily basis!

Back to PopPhysique, this is an LA based boutique studio that recently debuted in NYC with a Bowery, Nomad, and most recently UES location. This class is not for the faint of heart. I for sure would not be able to do this class more than 3x per week. It is a serious full-body workout ladies. Class is broken out into 4 parts: arms, legs, ass, and abs. Arms and legs are pretty standard. During arms, you use 3-5 pound weights, repeatedly working all sections of your arm.  For legs, the instructor incorporates a lot of squats, calf raises and lunges... yadah yadah.

Next, the ass and abs section of class. Now this is where it gets quite interesting. This studio is best known for their ass toning abilities, and by your first class, you’ll realize why. In each class you’ll use a bubble gum pink ball that looks super cute and fun, but will actually be used to shred your inner thighs and butt region. By the end of the ass section you’ll be shaking and ready for the torture to be over. BUT WAIT there’s still abs! This is not your typical abs section involving crunches and planks. During this part of class, you sit under the bar, tuck your pelvis, and pull down on the bar while trying to lift your legs. Let me tell you that this is for sure the most challenging move of the class. Once I master this move, I feel like I will for sure have killer washboard abs. But until then...

I really loved the intensity of this class. You walk into the studio with their bubble gum pop décor and cherry covered walls, but don’t let that fool you. You are in for a total body toning treat. I loved the fun new take on a barre class and obsessed with the instagramable studio décor plus, I left the class dripping in sweat and really feeling like every single part of my body had been worked. Giving this class an 8.3.


Class Breakdown: 60 minutes







Items needed for class:

Pilates Socks (socks with little rubbery grips on the bottom) - Available in studio for $12



Sadly, No. Recently they said goodbye to Classpass customers :(


🙏🏼Pro Tip:

Try to grab a spot towards the windows at the end of the ballet bar. Class can get a little full and it’s better not to have two chicks on either side of you while you’re working that booty



Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @PopPhysyque