PRICE: $32/Class



Fave Instructor: Ally LOVE

*Above - Flatiron Front Entrance 

*Above - Flatiron Front Entrance 


‘Ask and you may receive.’ The Cult voted for a Peloton review. So, we took your request and spent the last week at Peloton to give you our take on this famous bike everyone is hoping to hop on. For those of you spin lovers, keep on reading for the breakdown of this top-tier studio.

So, here is the low-down on the whole concept of Peloton: Peloton is bringing that 'NYC class' experience that we experienced at their Flatiron studio to you in your own home. Each class is live streamed to bikes across the country, so everyone can get a piece of the action - LIVE. Cool right? We’ve always said we need that group-feel and that live instructor to get us into the workout, and now you can get it right in your own home on your own bike (for +/- $2,300). Maybe not for many NYC residents, but more for those people who have enough space in their homes for full home gyms, you know? And people dig it. There were riders in our class that have the bike at their home in (insert middle of the country state) who introduced themselves to the instructor, mentioning that they 'ride with them often' at home. But, there is even more to the bikes than just live class streaming. The screen shows you all your stats including:  rank in class, rank against anyone riding live, calories burned, time left in class, plus your the typical speed, resistance, and output.  Since there are screens right where many classes would have you place your hands, these instructors won’t have you bopping around on the handlebars as part of the choreography (i.e. SoulCycle).

The studio is luxxx. Imagine a WeWork space meet a spin studio and had a baby - that baby's name would be Peloton. So much space for spinning, showers, and just chilling. Plus, the amenities are on-par with the studio vibes. Disposable shower shoes, free spin shoes that don’t smell like feet, and water waiting for you on your bike. It is all you hope for in a studio experience. Especially when you’re shelling out that $$$ like we do for workouts here in NY.  

Next on the list for to study is Peloton’s tread class - completely different studio, same brand. The same lux equipment and studio vibes, but swapping out the bike for a treadmill. We’re excited to see what else Peloton has in store for us - plus, our first treadmill-class?? Stay tuned!!!

*Pictured: Front Row in class - Leader Screen on every Peloton bike.

*Pictured: Front Row in class - Leader Screen on every Peloton bike.




This studio is GIANT (for a New York Studio). Just a little walkthrough of the space: retail space, check-in, area, coffee/smoothie bar, large chill-space (for those who like get some work done post-class), studio space with what seems like 40+ bikes, and roomy bathroom/shower space. You could literally do cartwheels around this studio with ease - it’s that big and totally doesn’t feel like you’re in NYC.

We just have to shout out the disposable shower shoes in the bathrooms for a minute. THANK YOU!! Never have we EVER seen disposable shower shoes in the bathroom. The styrofoam is def not great for the environment, but we’re now thinking it should be a thought for all-studios.



Maybe you’ve seen the Peloton bikes at the mall, or maybe you know someone who has them at home. But, for anyone who hasn’t, these luxury bikes are the One of the only (that we know) pieces of fitness equipment you can take live classes from real instructors. How cool is that?! An NYC fitness class in your own home. For those in NYC using the bikes in class, each bike has its own screen that shows your stats compared to no only the people in class, but everyone around the country who is taking that same class with you. These bikes are the lux of the lux. 



*Above - Peloton-brand shoes

*Above - Peloton-brand shoes

3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.2

If you’re wondering why the instructor keeps talking to the camera above class, this is the camera that live streams the class to people around the country. They are on display for hundreds of riders to see and you’ll feel it’s a little more of a performance than a party ride. These instructors are like celebrities, they are famous to the Peloton users around the country and they even get escorted out of class by guards. They look like complete rock stars. You’ll even see people coming up to them after class fangirl-ing.



As this is a more technical based than a spin your heart out type ride, you’re going to find more resistance building and strength training. So, it's a little bit of a slower paced ride, but you definitely put in that WERK.

Even for hand weights during the upper body section, the heaviest weight you can grab is a 3lb - seems a little low. We know some studios who start at a 3lb.  


5. MUSIC: 7.0

Each ride has a theme. So if you like 90s rap, they have it, if you like country - well, you can get that too! We personally are more into the Live DJ rides they have, but to each their own! The instructors who teach the theme rides are really into that kind of music as well and specifically choreograph the class to their favorites from that genre. We’re really into the fact that you can choose what kind of music you want, you don't just have to find an instructor who likes the same type of music as you.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.4

Peloton is SoulCycle's sophisticated rich uncle that trains for marathons - that make sense? If you want that beat bumping, party on a bike style class Swerve and Soul do it best. But if you are looking for more technical improvements, you’ll find that at Peloton. The ride, studio, and class is qualityyy - but the style of class could be a bit more motivational. 


Class Breakdown: 45 Minutes

1 song warm up

X song spinning

1 song upper body session (Note, the weight options in class are only 1, 2, or 3lb).

1 song cool(er) down

1 song stretch


Gear needed for class:

Spin Shoes - Free

(even the water is free y’all)


On ClassPass?:

You betcha!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Make sure to create a login before class starts. Once you get into class, you’ll sign in on the bike with this log in so you can keep track of your score against the rest of the class. Plus, if you are a repeat rider, you can compare your scores.

***ALSO - the 23rd street F station is closed until December so, ya know - figure that out. 

Signed, The Class Cult.

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