Overthrow Boxing


PRICE: $32/class



*Above - Overthrow NoHo

*Above - Overthrow NoHo




Décor is totally different than that chic white wall or tropical theme going on in most studios. The walls are covered with those wallscape posters you see around NYC construction sights, and of course, Muhammad Ali shrines. We love how authentic and raw it is. But, this is a no shower studio ladies so be prepared!



Have yet to find a boxing studio where this isn't an issue, but the boxing gloves needed for class will leave your hands smelling like sweat for hours. TG for the wraps, but sometimes they’re not enough.



We know there are a few instructors that absolutely make this class. But, the few we’ve had seemed to not give their full attention to the class. Maybe it was the day or the time - we just haven't found it to be very consistent!

Anyone have any instructor recs??


*Above - Overthrow NoHo

*Above - Overthrow NoHo


You’ll get pretty sweaty, but there probably won’t be a puddle of sweat on the floor. It’s an upper body workout more than anything.


5. MUSIC: 7.9

The instructor we had played these 80s JAMS. Totally on brand with the studio. A little flashdance reenactment? We’re into it.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 6.9

Pricing is on par with that of every other NYC boutique studio - $32. We’re not saying we wouldn't go again, but we’re keen on trying some new shadow box studios. Will definitely be back for the one on ones!




*Above - Overthrow NoHo Basement

*Above - Overthrow NoHo Basement


The 80s grunge trend is still alive and well at this NYC boxing club. Though technically a boutique fitness studio, you will not find your typical white walls/neon light décor nor the classic basic B’s in attendance.

We don’t know if it was just our instructor or the fact that it was a 7am class, but it did not seem as if there was any method to the madness during this work out. There was very little explanation by the instructor on the combinations and we seemed to move on from one thing to the next at the will of the instructor’s preference. Luckily, we have a little background in kickboxing. We can identify a jab, cross, hook and uppercut. But, to a shadowboxing newbie, this may not be the case. Each move was signified by a number: 1=jab, 2=cross, 3= hook, and 4=uppercut. It took us a solid 15 minutes to figure out which move we were doing and in what sequence we were doing it. In the past, all the kickboxing classes we have been to call the moves by their names. They also usually give a little explanation of each move at the beginning of class to make it a tad easier to follow along. Because if you can’t follow along, your workout is mostly comprised of playing catch up as opposed to executing the punches and sweating it out. If you do catch on to the moves, you will get a serious upper body workout.

Though we think the group classes need a little work, we have heard amazing things about their private training classes. We saw one of these sessions in action prior to class - these pro fighters are the real deal, training for what we can only think to be World’s Heavyweight Championship. We’re not at the WWE level quite yet, so we’ll be sticking to the group classes.

*Above - Overthrow NoHo Basement

*Above - Overthrow NoHo Basement


Class Breakdown: 45 minutes


Partner combinations

Combinations on the bag



Gear needed for class:

Wraps - $10

Boxing gloves – Free, but smell like Lysol covered sweat



On ClassPass?:



🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

If you have your own boxing gloves BRING THEM. These boxing studios typically have gloves that you can use for class, but have been used by so many ladies and gents before you that your hands will be left smelling like their hard work until you rinse and repeat 3-4 times.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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