Orangetheory Fitness


PRICE: $35



*Above - Orange Theory Astor Place/Noho

*Above - Orange Theory Astor Place/Noho


*Above - Orange Theory Astor Place/Noho

*Above - Orange Theory Astor Place/Noho



We love when studios separate the shower space from the mirrored makeup station. Makes for a much more pleasant experience when you’re not bumping into girls who have just gotten out of the shower and you’re trying to blow dry your hair with 2in of mirror space.



All brand new, super clean. We really loved the water rowers. Made us feel like we were on the crew team, minus having to wake up at 4am for practice. Again, their demos on screen are major key. We haven’t seen anything like this at other studios. But, everyone NEEDS. We are usually looking at others to see what the moves are because we instantly forgot after the instructor demoed. Anyone else?



Instructor was super peppy – like cheerleading instructor peppy. We like peppy, but we’re also looking for that intimidating factor that makes you run faster because you don’t want your instructor to yell at you. Please send us your instructor recs for next time!



Sweat factor is off the charts. The incorporation of a water rowing machine along with all the floor work and treadmill intervals - we’re sweating just thinking about it. And being able to see your heart rate makes you push even harder to get into the red zone.


5. MUSIC: 6.1

Horrible, horrible music choice. We were sweating it out those 90s one hit wonders that they only play during 90s night at LPR i.e. ‘Baby Got Back’ and ‘I’m Blue.’ Please delete from all class playlists!!


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.2

Like we said, we’re more Barry’s gals ourselves. But we do love the technical aspect of Orange Theory. Being able to see what zone your heart rate is in makes you want to push harder to get that extra calorie burn.




*Above - Orange Theory Heart Monitor ($5 Rental)

*Above - Orange Theory Heart Monitor ($5 Rental)


So, who here has gotten just about a million Instagram ads for a FREE Orange Theory class? Is it just us? Well, they say nothing in this life is free, and in the case of Orange Theory, this stands true. First of all, your first class is not free if you live in NYC... so, they probably need to reconfigure their ad targeting. But, that’s neither here nor there.

When you book your first class, they ask you to arrive 30 minutes early, so they can give you the whole spiel of why their class is so much better than the rest. We have to say, they made some pretty compelling arguments. Their workout is back up by science in that they have figured out that interval training is what burns the most calories (up to 36 hours after you finish the class).

They give you a heart monitor to wear during class – this measures your heart rate (obvs) and is shown on screens throughout the room. Based on your heart rate, you are in one of many 'zones' represented by a specific color. The orange zone is where you are burning the most calories and doing the healthiest and most effective type of work (hence the term- 'orange theory').

One thing we really did love about this class is the demonstration videos that stay on screen during the class indicating what floor exercises you should be doing. Super high tech, and MUCH needed. We always forget what the instructor just showed us… oops. What we didn’t like about this class were the vibes. We almost felt like we were at fat camp. Everyone there is their late 30's+40's + a little out of shape. Like if your dad was trying to find a cool new workout cause your mom wanted him to lose weight. But dont get us wrong - we definitely think this workout is effective.

The instructor also played music like ‘Space Jam’ and ‘Barbie Girl’… um what? Not the kind of tunes we want to run our hearts out to. Overall, great workout – we love the science behind it. But, you’ll probably find us sweating it out at Barry’s over Orange Theory (Sorry, Mom).

*Above - Orange Theory Astor Place/Noho

*Above - Orange Theory Astor Place/Noho


Class Breakdown: 60 minutes

30 min – treadmill work (interval running)

30 min – floor work (including rowing)


Gear needed for class:

Heart monitor - $5 (optional)


On ClassPass?:

No – but you get 1 free class (if not in NYC)


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

If you can’t say no to sales people, you might get roped into buying a monthly membership. Like that time Chandler was trying to cancel his gym membership, but he ends up upgrading it. That is how relentless the OT sales people are. You basically have to run out of the studio before they swipe your credit card for $250 a month.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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