New York Pilates


PRICE: $40/class



*Above - NYP Bowery

*Above - NYP Bowery




This studio is uber chic. Everything is white and rustic - decorated in a way that you could only dream that your tiny NYC apartment was decorated. It’s such a serene experience. They even have kombucha on tap. A basic betches dream.



All classes are done on a pilates reformer, no mats. In the past 3 years we’ve been coming to class, there seems to be very little wear and tear on these perfectly white machines. Everything is clean and pristine.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.1

There are a few key, great instructors at this studio. We love Jennifer Wolf for one, she really works the ass region. It is however, one of those classes where the instructor just walks around and gives instruction. They’re not yelling at you to move faster, they’re just there guiding you.  



*Above - NYP Bowery

*Above - NYP Bowery

We didn't leave this class super sweaty, but we did feel like we got a really good work out in. You really don’t notice until you start walking down the steps of the subway and your legs immediately turn to jello. Those teeny tiny movements that you do throughout class really burn deep into the muscle.


5. MUSIC: 6.3

Music is more of an afterthought in this class. There is usually some cool Spotify playlist playing softly in the background of every bend and stretch. The instructors don’t have microphones, so they have to be able to talk over the music to instruct you. Can we turn it up just a few notches??


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.6

We love the class, but the pricing is a little hefty. $40 is more than a Soul class or Barry’s class! Is this where the NYC fitness scene is heading? We hope not. We are so glad this class is on ClassPass because as far as reformer pilates goes, this is one of our favorites.




*Above - NYP Bowery

*Above - NYP Bowery


New York Pilates was one of the first classes that we ever took on ClassPass, so it holds a special place in our hearts. Their interactive branding alone gets people in the door (you may have seen their signs around lower Manhattan) ‘‘Cool Instagram Caption’ or ‘Tight Butts Drive Us Nuts’. Even their website is basic betch perfection with millennial pink and videos of chic blonde girls doing pilates (we see you NY Pilates).

But, let’s get back to the class… Their Arms, Abs and Ass class is just about the only class we’ll sign up for. It was obviously the name made us want to try it  - targets every area we want to see toned before summer. And we’re not alone - it is their single most popular class and the hardest class to get into (unless you want to use 20 ClassPass credits).

All classes are reformer based pilates, which we prefer over a mat pilates any day. Something about the added resistance and the back and forth movement really make us put in that extra work. This is one of those classes that we go to when we’re not really feeling up for a full on cardio class, but still need to get a workout in. New York Pilates isn’t the hardest class we’ve ever taken, but it’s really great for toning. We can't go to Barry EVERY single day, we need some balance.

But New York Pilates not just your run of the mill New York City pilates studio. They have a book club that just started a few months ago. And a retreats to Tulum coming up in a few weeks… um, yes please! They are really trying to cultivate a community amongst their class-goers. We love to see this!

So, if you are looking to tone that booty, need a day off from those bootcamp cardio classes, or just want to grab some kombutcha on tap, NYP has you covered. 

*Above - NYP Bowery 

*Above - NYP Bowery 


Class Breakdown: 55 minutes

Warm up






Gear needed for class:

Nothing needed!


On ClassPass?:

You know it!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Another studio with no showers, but this is one of those classes where you can definitely get away with a little dry shampoo and face wash. You are not going to sweat a whole lot, but you’re still getting in a good workout.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @NewYorkPilates