Neo U


PRICE: $35/Class



*Above - NEO U

*Above - NEO U




This is by far the largest studio we have seen in Manhattan. They have not 1, not 2, BUT 3 floors! Everything you need is right there. There are 4 studios at this location where each studio is dedicated to a different type of workout class that is offered - so 1 studio for kickboxing, another for HIIT, another for yoga + (INSANE). After class you will find numerous, beautiful, showers. That means no running to the showers before class ends in order to get to work on time. If you so happen to have time after class, there is a smoothie/coffee bar in house accompanied by a lounge. So, if you just wanna hang and sip smoothies with your posse after your workout, there’s space to do that. No more of these studios who cramp you in to get them most heads ($$) in there classes. Space is a luxury and one of the main reasons we are so in love with the NEO U space.



As this is a new studio, everything is brand new and state of the art. But, what we have to note here is how much studio equipment they have. Every type of workout has its own dedicated space, and it own dedicated equipment. So, if you're in the yoga class, you won’t be using the same mats as the sweaty class-goers who just took the bootcamp class.



3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 9.3

This is one of the few studios we’ve found where every single instructor is amazing. Usually you have that one instructors whose class you live and die for, but at NEO U we would be pumped to take class with any one of them. Each instructor specializes in the type of class that they teach. So, instructors who specialize in kickboxing aren’t necessarily going to be teaching yoga or HIIT. They know their craft and kick ass at it (literally).



This Sweat Factor rating goes to the NEO U Strike and NEO U Go classes - never have we ever sweat this much in the first 30 min of class. We were especially surprised by the kickboxing class’ level of intensity. This was one of the better boxing classes we’ve taken. Probably due to the fact that the class is especially curated to push your bodies limits using martial arts, not simply just throwing endless jab, cross, hooks at a punching bag. We left dripping. in. sweat.


5. MUSIC: 7.9

The music is played from the instructors Spotify playlists, which you all know usually knocks down the points for this category. But, we have to hand it to these ladies and gents, they put together a badass playlist and we’re into it. It may also be the speaker system in each studio that is pushing this score up, but it seriously aided us to focus on pushing our bodies to the breaking point.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.3

Totally worth the $. You may compare NEO U to FitHouse in the way that they offer a range of premium fitness classes all under one roof - But NEO U is the bougie hot older brother if FitHouse is the trendy younger sis. It is a little unclear why they don't offer an unlimited package / membership as they claim to be a one-stop-shop for all things fitness. But they’re still new, we’re hoping this is something in the works.

*Above - Gloves for Class at NEO U

*Above - Gloves for Class at NEO U


We’ve talked about this trend a few times now, and we think this is one of the new-age studios who do it best. NEO U is bringing 'world class' fitness trainers under one roof so you don’t have to run all around town to get the best workout from all these different boutique fitness studios (kinda like we are). They offer boxing classes, HIIT classes, yoga classes, and dance classes. Not only do they offer each type of class, but each different class has their own different studio. We’re talking about 4 different studios under one roof! Plus a smoothie coffee bar, lounge area, and MASSIVE shower/locker space. So, you can take a luxurious shower without waiting in line (heaven) or sip on a cold smoothie to cool you down after class. You might even deem this your new hang out spot. We’re seriously thinking about it. Their studio is conveniently located in midtown for all you 9-5-ers that have offices up that way (like the majority of Manhattanites). If you don’t like ClassPass because running around the 5 boroughs is just too much, these new age boutique fitness gyms are all the range and worth the ca$h.

We tried out the NEO U circuit during the SweatCon rally back in May and it was a total blast. Even though classes were only 30 min, we left dripping in sweat. TG that the last class of the day was yoga, because we needed a nice stretch after all the burpees, boxing, and tuck jumps. The one class we were able to take was the dance class that is offered, and you know how we LOVE the dance classes. Also, If they’re anything like the other 3 classes offered, we know it’s going to be kick-ass. Even the smoothies at the cafe are on par with the Juice Presses and Juice Gen's of the world. Everything about this studio is top notch, and we’re all about it. As soon as NEO U offers memberships, we sense that everyone from Equinox is going to jump ship. You heard it here first. 

*Mic drop*

*Above - NEO U Strike Class

*Above - NEO U Strike Class


ClassES OFFERED: 60 Minutes

NEO Go (Bootcamp/HIIT)

NEO Strike (Boxing & Kickboxing)

NEO Flow (Yoga & Meditation)

Vixen Workout (Dance)


Gear needed for class:

Only wraps are needed for NEO U strike. Everything else is available in studio.


On ClassPass?:

Surprisingly yes!! But only their Yoga classes are offered... Merp.


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

If you like boxing classes, take the NEO U strike class with Gabriela Machuca. She created the NEO U strike program at NEO U and is a total badass. You’re in for a MAJOR sweat sesh.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @NEOUFitness