PRICE: $34/Class



*Above - Mid-Workout

*Above - Mid-Workout


Per the Cult’s request, we tried out a few ModelFit classes, and are giving you the rundown right here. You asked - we listened! So here it goes!…

There are two classes that ModelFit offers, 'ModelFit Sculpt' and 'ModelFit Dance Cardio'. You know all know we love a good dance cardio class, but we decided to try out the sculpt class, first. The class itself was great. This is a low impact body toning/sculpting class with moves that will leave you feeling like you’re about to sprout the legs and butt of a Victoria’s Secret model. It’s not particularly exciting, but it will kick your booty.

The 'Dance Cardio' class, is what we show face for. The first class we took at the studio was 'Sculpt'. It was slow, but we felt like we put in work. The class after us was the 'Dance Cardio' class and girls were lining up to take this class. The instructor walked in with her rockin' bod and personality you could feel enter the room - we knew we had to find out more. The instructor, Julie Cook, an apparent ModelFit all-star. She flies between LA + NYC on the reg to teach these classes. That same day we signed up for her class the very next week. How it’s still only 10x credits on ClassPass, we will never know - but we’re not complaining. She had kick-ass music in class and knew was she was doing. Our abs have not been worked like that in a minute. 

On to the facilities. The studio itself is SoHo-chic, but extremely small (as everything is in Manhattan). It's so small that the front desk, waiting room, class area, and private class area, are all within inches from one another. Now, we’re not necessarily nocking a studio for its size - it's moreover how the space is organized. Each class is 1X hour long, so the moment one class ends, another is immediately beginning. In turn, this leaves no time for a classes to class transition. So, while class is still in session there are girls walking through the get to the bathroom/locker room. We even has someone step on our hands - not cool. Even during out class, the girl working front-desk was asking us to pause and make room for her to drag a giant laundry bag through the class!! Extremely distracting and unprofessional. If we’re paying $34 we expect our workout takes precedence over your laundry. There isa time for everything - but this may not apply at ModelFit. We think shaving the class down to even 50/55 minutes would make such a difference. 

*Pictured: ModelFit Front Desk / Studio Loft Space

*Pictured: ModelFit Front Desk / Studio Loft Space




ModelFit has successfully been able to market its self as a luxurious, large, Soho loft with floor to ceiling windows that would make an Manhattanite swoon; somewhere that is only open to Manhattan’s most elite 'models'. But a picture does not tell all. ModelFit's studio is definitely not on par with many of the other boutique fitness classes here in NYC in a few areas. Now, we’re not docking points solely on the space, the flow from the class to class is actually a little hard for us to put our thumb on. Each class is 60 minutes long, being taught back-to-back-to-back and no waiting room in the studio. This leads to students for the 9AM class looking over, staring at, and tripping over students from the 8AM class in order to get to the locker room. Yikes! We also have to mention that we aren't fans of people standing over us, talking while they wait for you to get through the toughest last 10 min of your workout + the stretch. Even if they shaved 5 minutes off of each class, it would make a HUGE difference for its flow, given the space's layout. We’re not paying $34/class to have our hands stepped on.



We could be a bit jaded from spending time at so many studios that make equipment a priority when competing in the New York fitness industry; but we noticed that much of the equipment has been over-used and worn out. On a more positive note, the equipment does get the job done. We wore ankle weights throughout class (talk about sculpt), and used resistance circles for additional resistance. Having that extra three pounds really makes a difference, making it feel like you are moving through sand, really adding that extra +++ for the booty + legs.

*Above: Pre-Workout

*Above: Pre-Workout


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 9.1

The instructors, are the shining stars at this studio (and that is what is really boosting the score). All instructors are certified in a Applied Functional Science method. AKA they know their shit! We loved when the instructors came around and perfected our form;  it means we’re getting the most bang for our buck! Like we’ve mentioned a few times, we LOVE Julie Cook’s class, as she is a total rockstar and is the single reason we've been as many times as we have. She knows how to WORK that ass n' abs. Not to mention, she’s a total sweetheart and completely revolutionizes the energy in the room. If you're headed that way, try out her class! You’ll see what we mean.



This is a low impact, burn out session. There are definitely times you feel like you have been doing the same moment for hours, but it’s one movement that is completely sculpting that section of the body (hence the name of the class). The sweat factor is similar to that of your pilates or barre class. Though you might be able to get away with a little dry shampoo and not a full shower, your muscles will definitely be sore by the end of the day. Low impact / high results!


5. MUSIC: 7.3

The first class we took (sculpt) the playlist was not our fave. The instructor played songs like 'Yeah' by Usher, and one song where Nicki Minaj was rapping ‘cut that bitch’... Not exactly what we want to hear in a slow paced sculpt class. The playlist for Dance Cardio, however, was flames. All upbeat music, you know the kind of music that pushes you through those excruciating booty workouts. As you can see, the music will be based on the type of class/the instructor of the class - so take our advice / reach out for more info!


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.5

Julie’s class is KILLER and keeps us coming back. Otherwise, this seems like a pretty steep price point for the facilities and type of workout in play. If you are looking to purley tone, this class is for you. The use of ankle weights and free weights really makes it in this class. Without them, it's just extremely slow + controlled movements in a well lit, convieniently located studio.

*Above - Post-Class Stretch

*Above - Post-Class Stretch


Class Breakdown: 60 Minutes


Left leg

Right leg



Gear USED/needed for class:

Ankle weights

Free weights

Resistance Circles

*Everything is provided for you, just bring your sneakers!


On ClassPass?:

Surprisingly yes! However, you can only go 2X per month with the new ClassPass credit system.


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Take Julie Cook’s dance cardio class. She has a motivating personality, keeps it fun (yet hard), and knows her shit!!

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @ModelFit