Mile High Run Club


PRICE: $34/Class


SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧💧💧/5   


NoHo: Yes

NoMad: Yes

*Above - Inside NoHo Location

*Above - Inside NoHo Location


*We be runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’.

Many are training for the NYC marathon, others will be gladly watching from the sidelines. Running 26.2 miles??? Uh, not sure about that one. But, more props to the people that do. We’ve also mentioned before, we’re not long-distance runners, especially on the treadmill, especially at 5AM. We need that group motivation to make it through an early morning workout sesh, or a long run. We stumbled upon Mile High Run Club: a studio that marries the new runners with the long time committed ones. Mile High has given us the gift of a treadmill workout but in a supportive and motivating group setting, with loud music and a dark room. And the verdict stands, we’re into it.

Think of Barry’s Bootcamp minus the treacherous floor work. It’s straight up running, no weights, with a little tred incline play. The instructor guides you through different intervals based on your skill level (aka runner and non runners) there are four speed zones the instructor will call out. Don’t worry you don’t need to remember the speeds, there’s a handy dandy card on each machine that will keep you in check in case you forget. You can spot the people training for marathons or at least seasoned runners, and get motivated - but there is no pressure. While we're running the 45-60 min classes at a consistent 6 in speed and 9 sprints, these people are jogging at an 8.5 the entire class and pushing it to a 11+ for the sprints. *Legs flyinnnn*. But don’t let that scare you out of taking this class; It’s a really great way to get into running as a beginner or to use as a tool to help better train those who are already out there running.

We love the cardio, but this class will definitely need a counter active Pilates and or yoga regime as a follow-up.

*Pictured: Woodway Tred - Inside Class

*Pictured: Woodway Tred - Inside Class




The studio space is neither lux nor basic. The front desk and bathroom areas are quite small to make way for the main attraction: the studio, which is filled with 30+ treadmills. If you’re always trying to sneak pictures like us, don’t try it at this studio (they're not fans and we understand why, its dangerous) - so don’t tell anyone where you saw these pics. ;)



We LOVE these Woodway treadmills. They are basically the only treadmills we will run on. Not even Equinox has these badass machines. They are nice and bouncy for those of you who suffer from shin splints. They even have roller for when you need a little relief from your aching muscles pre, during or post-class.

*Above - Running guide at every Tred

*Above - Running guide at every Tred


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.3

Like your High School P.E. teacher, we kind of wish they were running on the treadmills with us so they could feel our pain.

There isn’t too much technique to be corrected when you’re just running intervals so the instructors main job is motivation - and they are killer at it. You’ll find yourself at the edge of sheer exhaustion (if you decide to push yourself), but the instructors motivational words just keeps your going - proving its all about mind over matter.

Also have to call out the girl at the front desk who gave us healthy homemade cookies on our way out. Day made!

Staff really cares about the attendees and if you have any questions post-class on form, etc. they'll be happy to lend a hand. 



Any good cardio class is going to produce a major sweat factor. I don’t know about you but we can break a sweat just running to the subway. So, you know we’re going to be giving out major sweat factor points for this tread class, especially when you are running 3-5 miles in just an hour.


5. MUSIC: 6.8

It's a build. We started with songs that get you in the mood for a day, progresses into those jams you loved but haven't heard in a minute, and ends with those top 40 hits that you have on repeat on your Spotify. 

*Also, we love when the music changes with the songs beat (not too much, but enough for that extra rush).


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.3

This class is really great for runners who want to change it up from the (seemingly boring) treadmill routine. As well as for people who want to start in on the running game but are tramatized from High School. There are all types of runners in class so don’t be discouraged by the fact that you’ve been choosing yoga over running outside in the blazing heat like some crazy New Yorkers. It’s also way less boring to run on a treadmill when you’re with a group that’s bumping music as opposed to running alone at Equinox.


Class Breakdown: 45-60 Minutes

Warm Up

4 Rounds interval treadmill running based on the style of class you choose.

Cool Down


Gear needed for class:

Just your running shoes!! Make sure they are comfy + supportive.


On ClassPass?:

It is, but make sure to book in advance because these classes can fill up!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

They are in the mindset of helping not only your running skills, but also mother earth. This means no plastic bags for your super sweaty clothing. So, remember to BYO if you’re going to be schlepping them to work you in the am.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @MileHighRunClub