PRICE: $32/Class

LOCATION: Greenwich Village


*Above - In-Class

*Above - In-Class


When we first heard about Liftonic, we absolutely loved the concept. Lifting can be so intimidating at the gym. You have to do it alone and you may not have any idea what the correct form is or what movements you should be doing to target a specific body area. And you know us; we love a group setting as opposed to working out alone. Plus, there really aren’t any other classes like this - that we know of. AND their branding makes the studio and instructors look like sweaty gods and goddesses, similar with the equinox-esque branding. So, we thought this would be the perfect combo of a group class and strength training. Especially for people who love to lift at the gym, and want some more direction.  We feel like a lot of people who don’t do group workout are gym lifters (aka many guys). Plus, some of you guys have been asking us to try! So, we spent some time at Liftonic and are giving you the play by play as promised.

The studio is located in Greenwich Village - kind of on the border of Meatpacking (think far west/14th st.). The studio itself was a little hard to find. We passed by walked up and down the block a few times before realizing where the door was. Google maps was no help. The door is blacked out and has a thin white 'Liftonic' logo on the door that isn’t so apparent. You’ll walk down into a super dark basement like room and find self check in screens - no front desk attendant. So, if you were really sneaky you could have your friend sign you in if you were going to miss class so you don’t get that $20 charge from ClassPass - AKA the worst. There are no locker rooms in this studio, not even a little dry shampoo and face wash - not ideal for the morning gym-goers. Just a bathroom and a few old school lockers - you’ll need to bring your own lock if you want you to lock your shit up.

The studio space is made up of about 25x benches and every weight option you could dream of - making it easy to constantly challenge yourself with that extra .5. The best part of the studio is the screens. The TV screens are located above everyone’s benches and show the instructor from a birds-eye-view. This is amazing for when you are doing movements where you are laying back on the bench and still need to see the instructors demos. There are so many times in Barry’s where we’re on the benches and cant see the instructor, so have no idea what we’re supposed to be doing. The class itself was slow paced, and had zero cardio involved. Depending on the day, class will focus on two areas (back, legs, chest, arms, butt, abs, or full body). Also, there was not much explanation of what size weights we should have grabbed. The instructor kept saying to increase our weights but we didn’t want to run to the side and interrupt class and get more weights, so Pro Tip - grab s hit ton of options pre-class. Overall, the class was a great intro into lifting and great for those who really want to get more of a background on the practice. Us? Well we need a little more to head out west and spend an hour in a basement.

*Pictured: Entrance Self-Check-In and entrance 

*Pictured: Entrance Self-Check-In and entrance 




The class space itself is super roomy and has everything you need - your own bench and every size weight you could ever need. We mentioned the screens above the benches that are so vital when trying to see the instructor demos (everyone should have these). V high tech. The only issue, no locker rooms and only one bathroom. Not so great if you’re traveling out of your way in the morning to make it to this class before work.



Being a fairly new to the boutique fitness scene means brand new equipment (which you all know we love). The one interesting thing we noticed was that all the floor mats were cut into thirds. Not sure if this was a money saver thing or that there just isn’t a need for a long mat, but it was quite odd and looked a little janky for the branding of the studio. We do have to say, they are set up in the weight-option business: 5, 5.5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 12.5, etc...


*Above - Empty studio post-class. 

*Above - Empty studio post-class. 

3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.5

The instructors really know what they are doing and do a great job of demonstrating and explaining each move. We think this is critical for this type of class because there is a certain art form to lifting correctly. We would have liked a little more direction though on what weights and how many weights we should have grabbed for our bench. There are indicators on the screens, but the instructor kept urging us to increase our weight size and we only had so many weights that we had grabbed pre-class.



We weren’t so impressed with the sweat factor in this class. Though lifting doesn’t give the same immediate sweat as cardio, we still thought we would be profusely sweating if we were going to be lifting for an entire class (or at least a little shaky). Overall, the class was pretty slow paced making this a lower score on the sweat factor scale.



5. MUSIC: 8.0

This was probably one of those times where it just so happened that the instructor had impeccable taste in music that matched ours. But we think in lifting classes, music is even more instrumental. You have to make sure that the beat of the music matches each rep. So we were really digging how the instructor really lined up everything perfectly. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 6.3

To be honest, the price on this class seems a little steep. We love the concept and think it is great for people who want to try lifting but don’t want to do it alone in the gym; but for us, we expect some amenities with that price per class plus maybe a little cardio.


Class Breakdown: 50 Minutes

Warm Up

3 Rounds of lifting variations (target area dependent on the day)

Cool Down


Gear needed for class:

Just your sneakers! All weights and mats are provided.


On ClassPass?:

It is! Only 10 credits and super easy to get into


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

Get clarification on what weights you should have BEFORE class. Arrive early so you can get all set up and are not missing part of the work out trying to bring 5 sets of weights to your bench.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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