Hit House


PRICE: $31/Class


SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧💧/5   


- Yes!

*Above - Outside Hit House - Bowery

*Above - Outside Hit House - Bowery


Sometimes you just need a little time to vent. Some people turn to a good friend or therapist, we turn to the punching bag. Hit House is a Muay Thai boxing studio where you’ll find a different kind of heavy bag - and his name is Bishop. This punching bag is custom to the studio and we’re huge fans! Picture Bishop, maybe he’s your ex boyfriend that won’t leave you alone or your boss that is just piling the endless amounts of work. Whomever ever it may be, Bishop is here to be your personal punching bag and maybe even personal frustration therapist.

Hit House just opened in March located in the heart of NYC’s trendiest neighborhood - Nolita, and it is already becoming trendy amongst fitness community. We can see why: It is not only a chic, spacious facility, but it is also paired with a great and different work out. We have to say, what really blew us away about this studio was the fact that everything is machine washable. That means the gloves and the bags can be WASHED not just sprayed with Lysol. This is a complete game changer! You know how restaurants are graded based on cleanliness - well if we had to rate this studio compared to other boxing gyms, it would receive an A, while Title would receive a rough C. Catch our drift?

Maybe you already have your favorite kickboxing gym or instructor, but we dare you to try Hit House and see if that changes. HIT us up!

*Pictured: Lobby of Bowery Studio

*Pictured: Lobby of Bowery Studio




You know we love a good bathroom scene. Hit House has some of the nicest bathrooms we've seen in a while. The showers are what we call spa showers - too nice to be in your NYC apartment, but nice enough for a 5 star resort. In terms of amenities, there is a clothing steamer in the bathrooms! We didn't even realize how much of a luxury this was until we realized that we were specifically choosing clothes for our morning gym times that don't wrinkle since they have to sit in my bag all morning long. Even the space inside the studio is chic with that exposed brick that everyone in NYC pays more for. Everything about the studio is spot on. If you couldn’t tell, we’re a tad obsessed.



If we had to describe the studio in one word it would be: immaculately CLEAN. You know we are sticklers about a studio that knows how to keep up the cleanliness class after class. Even though this is a relatively new studio with new equipment, there are key factors that really wowed us. The gloves are machine washable. Yes! That means NO sweaty smell from previous classmates. Why haven’t we been introduced to these gloves sooner? Even the bags (they call them Bishop) are machine washable!! Feeling like you're stepping into a new studio every damn time.

*Above - Bishop Bag and Rented Washable Gloves.

*Above - Bishop Bag and Rented Washable Gloves.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.4

Take class with Tyler. He is the co-founder of Hit House and an EXPERT at Muay Thai. He is great in directing form and really takes the time to work with each person in the class to perfect their form. We really appreciate that! It’s one thing for an instructor to show you the moves, but making sure you're executing correctly makes all the difference.



You know cardio always makes us sweat. And we have noted that sometimes in kickboxing classes we don’t always feel like we get that 100% cardio element. Hit House completely distests that notion. It was 100% cardio at all times. There was a great mix of strength building along with fast paced punches and kicks to really make this class a full body workout and an overall sweaty class.


5. MUSIC: 7.3

We found a wideee range of music here - from 90s hip hop to EDM to top 40+. Some songs we were super into, others not so much. In a cardio class, we need pump up music all the time. Only a few times in class was there a little lull, but the instructor made up for it in motivational woes.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.9

We highly recommend trying this class, especially if you are into kickboxing. It is very similar to kickboxing, but there’s just something about giving kicks to the abdomen and elbows to the nose that makes you forget that this is also an intense cardiovascular workout.


Class Breakdown: 50 Minutes

Warm Up

4 Rounds with Bishop

Abs Break

4 Rounds with Bishop

Cool down


Gear needed for class:

Gloves: $2

No sneakers needed!


On ClassPass?:

It is! Hop on this deal ASAP


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

There are two types of gloves that you can rent; One where you need wraps and the other style where you do not. We recommend (and the founders recommend) the style where wraps are not needed. These are also the machine washable pair, so you know everything is perfectly cleaned instead of just sprayed with Lysol.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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