Flywheel Sports


PRICE: $36/class



*Above - Flyweel NoMad

*Above - Flyweel NoMad




Everything at this studio is about making your experience better by anticipating anything and everything you may want or need before and during class. We seriously appreciate this, especially if you are one of those people who is always running into class at the very last minute. All-around it feels less boutique and very commercial (which has it's positives and negatives)



These are NOT the Schwinn bikes that you may be used to seeing in a cycling class. We’re not sure the brand, but they’re similar to those black spin bikes that they have at Crunch. A little wobbly if you ask us. Also, sometimes the texture of the bike's handlebars can get a little sticky from wear-and-tear, so 'heads-up' if your one of those people who get super bothered by that. 


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.9

The instructors are super nice and personable, they make sure to get to know all the new members before class starts. They give a lot of direction as to where your Torq and RPMs should be (lots of numbers to learn/pay attention to), as oppose to instilling that inspirational factor. 



It’s more about resistance than anything. So, if you follow the instruction you will be sure to get a full lower body workout. Even so, we didn’t leave class with a puddle of sweat under our bikes.


5. MUSIC: 7.2

*Above - Inside the Studio - Flyweel NoMad

*Above - Inside the Studio - Flyweel NoMad

Music was high energy and was selected carefully to go with each section of class. BUT, when the music stops and your still forced to sprint for 10 seconds… thats a no go for us.

The music should be consistent with the pace and the sprints should be consistent with the song drops. 

(At one point our instructor was playing a re-mix of The Office's theme song? Yea, we're not sure.)


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.5

The fact that Flywheel is on Classpass is a steal (as long as they dont start asking some mad amount of credits/per class). Premium experience at low prices. This score however, is based on the full price of class - which, we’ll probably be spending elsewhere. 




*Above - Flyweel NoMad Front Desk

*Above - Flyweel NoMad Front Desk


Flywheel, the other cycling powerhouse - which do you prefer?

There is a Flywheel following, a SoulCycle cult, and the two do not usually cross paths. You are loyal to either one or the other - unless you’re a ClassPasser and are looking for a premium spin class without the hefty price tag.

Flywheel has thought of basically every little thing to make your workout experience top-notch. One thing we absolutely love, your bike number is linked to a cubby at the front desk that holds your size spin shoes (they are not extra to rent). They will also pre set your bike to the correct height before you even walk into class. Take note SoulCycle! Not to mention, they provide: free water, phone chargers in the lockers, stadium seating, and there is even a dry erase board for you to write down your locker number so you don't forget where you put your shit, GENIUS!

Their claim to fame is the stadium cycling which, we have to admit, is an ideal layout in this type of class. Everyone can see the instructor, which is pretty much the only person you came to see, right? Another distinguishing element of class is your rank, separated by male and female. During a sprint, the screens showcase who has the best score in class - that competitive aspect that always makes you push harder just to get your name up in the top ten. If you are booking through ClassPass, you will not be a part of this race (incentive to buy full price? We’re not quite sure).

But, down to the nitty gritty - we don’t know if it was the wobbly bikes or the fact that you never ride to beat, but we might choose Swerve or Soul before we FLY.

*Above - Flyweel NoMad Decal.

*Above - Flyweel NoMad Decal.


Class Breakdown: 45-60 minutes

1 song warm up

X song spinning

1 song upper body session

1 song cool(er) down

1 song stretch


Gear needed for class:

Spin shoes - provided!


On ClassPass?:



🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

If you are the quintessential millennial and bring your phone with your everywhere - even in a spin class - make sure to turn your phone on airplane mode to be sure your score makes it on screen. Apparently it can keep your bike from transmitting some information.

(Or just dont bring your phone in like a normal person and take 45 minutes for yourself.)

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @FlyweelSports