PRICE: $99/month (Membership Only)



*Above - FitHouse - Bowery Studio

*Above - FitHouse - Bowery Studio




This is not your typical boutique studio experience - no pristine white wall matched with blush furniture accents. FitHouse is more of a gym that offers work out classes only as oppose to a boutique fitness studio. Therefore, the studio space encompasses that. There are no showers at this location (not sure if they will be putting any into future locations), so we won't be taking any of the am cardio classes considering we still live that 9-5 life and need a studio shower for our am workout grind.



Brand new studio equipment for this brand new studio. They have everything from kettle bells, to yoga mats, to sliders. These are not the premium brand or models that you may be used to in a high end boutique fitness studio. The machinery still gets the job done but isn’t all fancy schmancy.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 9.5

These instructors make the whole experience. If not for them, it would just be another gym with some sub par classes, minus the treadmills. They are rockstars! Each instructor comes from one of the powerhouse studios that you know any love. AKA Y7, Fhitting Room, SLT. You get that premium experience and a lower price - and we are so here for it!


*Above - FitHouse Bowery Studio

*Above - FitHouse Bowery Studio


Mark, one of the founding instructors, comes from Fhitting Room and if you have ever been to a Fhitting Room class, you know that they put you to WORK. Mark brings this same hard core HIIT technique to his cardio burn classes. We were sore for sooo many days. So, we followed it up with some Vinyasa Yoga with Nina. This class was exactly what we needed after a major cardio burn - a great stretch. Not so much focused on the strengthening and toning aspects of yoga, but more of the stretching techniques. Less of a sweat, but a great balance.  


5. MUSIC: 7.0

Music seemed to be playing from the instructors Spotify playlist on a few speakers throughout the room. Each song did pair well with each kind of work out that we did, but we were looking for a little more umph, a little more uplifting.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 9.1

What we should point out is that this is not the same premium studio experience that you would get at say Barry’s, Soul or SLT. There are no showers, there are lockers that don’t self lock, and you do not buy a position in class. BUT for you boss babes on a budget (we feel you) who can’t afford an unlimited Barry’s membership, this is an awesome alternative to a gym. Especially if you are only going to a gym to take advantage of the classes.  




*Above - Cardio Burn Class w/ Mark Ribeiro

*Above - Cardio Burn Class w/ Mark Ribeiro


This is by far the best idea since ClassPass (we really wish we thought of it). If you haven’t heard of FitHouse, it is a one stop shop for all you peeps hopping around from boutique studio to studio. They bring all the boutique studio instructors to you! All in one place, at one low cost - $99/month. That is cheaper than any gym (who offers classes) and any unlimited class studio offering. PLUS no strings attached! That is probably the best part - you can cancel at anytime. Flashback to when we were stuck in a year long Equinox contract that offered classes that were filled to the brim. Never again. The price alone made us want to check this studio out.

We have to give an honorable mention to the instructors, because they are after all what will make or break your class experience. Fithouse doesn’t just hire any old instructor, they hire from the powerhouse boutique studios of NYC - aka Y7, Fhitting Room, SLT - so you know you’re getting the best of the best. They offer a wide range of classes from barre, to yoga, to HIIT and each instructor teaches to their specialty. Clearly, you can see why everyone is obsessed. Gone are the days of running around to each of the 5 boroughs to get to that pilates or yoga class. They currently have one location on Bowery, but plan to open 5 more studios by the end of the year. Locations will include Flatiron, Midtown, Murray Hill, UES, and Tribeca. As soon as they opened their doors back in March, influencers were posting about the new studio and classes were selling out on a daily basis.


*Above - FitHouse Bowery

*Above - FitHouse Bowery


Class Offerings:

Barre Fusion (45 min)

Strength Station (45 min)

Vinyasa Yoga (60 min)

Cardio Burn (45 min)

HIIT Burn (20 min)

Power Speed (45 min)


Gear needed for class:

Everything is provided by the studio


On ClassPass?:

If you just want to dabble in a few classes and not commit to an unlimited month, it is on ClassPass.


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

You can’t beat FREE! Try out two weeks of unlimited classes with code fithouse-kristin.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @Fit_House