PRICE: $35/Class


DURATION: 30-60 MIN (Dependent on which class)

SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧/5   

**IF ITS SWEATY, ARE THERE SHOWERS: No showers - and you will need one!

*Above - Studio Entrance - NoMad

*Above - Studio Entrance - NoMad

THE CULT’s Commentary:

Dance cardio, we’re fans. It combines all elements of what we hope every workout to be - fun, good music, and a solid workout. Next up on the dance-cardio list: DanceBody. We’ve seen all the insta-worthy photos at their NoMad location with the octagon-mats and ballerina-shaped instructors - but we came to see it with our own eyes and started with the ‘Signature’ class. This is straight up choreo-focused dance cardio served with a side of ‘sculpt’. We have to say, for how often we’ve been doing dance-cardio these days, the moves were pretty difficult to catch-on to. Maybe it’s the format we’re not used to, but we had a hard time anticipating what the instructor would do next in terms of each song the choreo-loop. So, if you don’t already know the routines, you’re going to be pretty lost the whole class, but dont get us wrong there were 4-5 people in the class who knew every step. We know, we know: You have to go a few times before you can really pick it up. But, there is something to be said for the way that ((305)) and BBS layout have the instructors show the next move right before you are going to do it. That way, even if you don’t know the choreography, you still know what is coming up.

We would say the class is very similar to Body By Simone in that is it made for dancers. You’ll see the ballerina-esque instructors slash class attendees in class where as ((305)) is more for those getting down with the get down. All dance cardio, but very different in terms of crowds, vibe, and style of dancing. We’re more of the twerking type.

Though we may favor ((305)), DanceBody’s sculpt section of class is fire. Think Megan Roupe’s Sculpt Society-esque. It really gets deep into your core and seemingly tones the whole body in just the last 5 minutes of class. Needless to say, we will be back for the sculpt class. Apparently, it’s a lot of sculpt and a little bit of choreography (a ratio we can dig).


*Pictured: Studio Equipment

*Pictured: Studio Equipment




It’s weird; seeing the studio on instagram and seeing it in real life, the two just don’t add up (queue the endless Instagram vs real life memes). On IG it looks like a super lux, gorgeous, light filled, picturesque studio. In real life, the NoMad location is in an old, grungy New York Building with one of those elevators you find yourself saying a tiny prayers in your head that you make it out. The front desk area is small and there are only two changing rooms, no showers. Can we just discuss - the no showers situation is an issue at this studio. We’ve evolved into ‘AM workout people’ (surprising we know) and this workout is shhweaty. We need showers people!


Love, love, love all the DanceBody branded equipment here. Everything from the colorful hand weights, fancy ankle weights, and the octagon-floor mats. Can we also mention that these octagon mats are the perfect shape and size for floor workouts? Who knew (They did). The ankle weights are the big hitter here. Many people in our class were wearing them for the entirely of the dance choreography section. Crazy, we soon realized. *Note, they did have killer arms and legs - so, we’re planning to work up to that point.

*Above - Pre Class

*Above - Pre Class

3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.4

We loved our instructor! :) Just didn’t love the format of the class :(. There wasn’t much instruction given prior to each move. In terms of move you really have to do your due-diligence and come practice each dance to get that real-time sweat session on. The instructor’s attitude made the class worth giving energy to the full sixty-minutes.



Even if you can’t pick up the choreography you’ll still be jumping around and working up a sweat. Plus, adding in the sculpt section in - you’ll be sure to be sore.

5. MUSIC: 6.8

We were surprisingly pleased with the choice of music for the class. We thought it might be another all-too-personal instructor curated Spotify playlist (i.e their new favorite musical meets top-40 hits fro 2008). But, no! We got some recent Drake, a little Beyonce - all remixed to the appropriate RPMs for the type of class + moves. Though we couldn’t quite sync up with the choreography during our first class, we were still jammin’ out as much as we can on the dance floor.

6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 6.9

You definitely have to go to this class multiple times in order to learn and be comfortable with the choreography. With that said, if you are still dabbling in the dance cardio world, try out their ‘Beginner’ class first before jumping into the ‘Signature’. What we think really stands out at this studio is the ‘Sculpt’ class.


Class Breakdown: 60 Minutes

Warm up

Dance choreo


Cool Down


Gear needed for class:

Your dancin’ shoes (i.e. workout sneakers that support pivoting)


On ClassPass?:

Yes! All locations are listed on the same page so pay attention to which location you are booking. (Not sure why they aren’t all separate like most studios)


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

They recommend starting with the Beginner’ class if you are not a dance cardio regular. We jumped right into the ‘Signature’ class and probably would have benefitted from the Beginner instruction.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @DanceBody