PRICE: $22/Class

LOCATION: Chelsea, Astor Place, Hell’s Kitchen, UES


SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧/5   

**IF ITS SWEATY, ARE THERE SHOWERS: Yes you can use the NYSCs showers on location.

THE CULT’s Commentary:

*Pictured: Astor Place Window Display

*Pictured: Astor Place Window Display

Fall is here and we’re kicking it into high gear with some new NYC reviews. You name it, we’ve done it. So, don’t be afraid to dm us on instagram if there’s a studio that you want us to check out. A lot of you have been asking about spin classes, so here with go with a review of Cyc Fitness. On of the more know out of the NYC cycling studios we’d say - behind Soul and FlyWheel of course. Most Cyc locations are located within a NYSC. But, don’t be fooled. Their classes are not just for NYSC members. Think of them more as a stand alone spin studio renting out some gym space at NYSC. Quick pause on our review as we need to talk about the NYSC for a minute. There is a glam and glo blowout bar inside the girls locker room (need I say more?) and the locker room is bigger than any studio you’ve ever been to x2. Maybe it’s because we’re so used to boutique studio bathrooms that we were so wowed with this locker room set up.

Ok ok, back to the class. It was much better than we expected. As you know, we’re more keen to a soul or flywheel class. But, the instructors we’ve taken at Cyc are fire. So much energy and such a great playlist. That’s what it’s all about right?? Plus for those of you who think paying $35 a class is insane (we’re right there with you) this class is only $22!

*Pictured: Lockers in basement studio.

*Pictured: Lockers in basement studio.




As we mentioned, most studios are located within a NYSC and it feels like you are at a gym’s cycling studio. The room is dark, the floors are a material that you just never know if it’s clean or not and the equipment is old, but we’ll get to that.  



You might remember these bikes from back in 2010. We think they were the first Schwinn bikes around. Definitely no technology that shows your RPMs or resistance like some of the other studios. Not that we need all the technology, but it is nice. And you won't find dumbells on the backs of your bikes. Cyc provides these almost sandbag type weights that you’ll have to keep on your water rack.

3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.5

We have to say, our instructor made the class. His energy was completely infectious and he made us want to spin our hearts out. In spin it’s all about the music and the instructor and this instructor made the cut. Take Tom’s class everyone.

*Pictured: In-Studio

*Pictured: In-Studio



In spin, it’s all dependent on how hard you’re willing to work. But, we’re also willing to put in the work when the instructor is hard core and the music is bumping. So its give and take, your sweat factor will increase or decrease accordingly. There have been those times where were a little tired and not really feeling it and the instructor doesn’t push us so a very low sweat factor is a result. And other times the instructor makes you MOVE and you work your ass off accordingly. Increase sweat factor by 2-4 points.

5. MUSIC: 7.4

Usually we’re not into the whole themed rides idea. Just play good music, that’s it. But, this Bieber vs Timberlake business was everything that morning. Plus, our instructor was blasting it and dancing to the beat. We were dancing a bit too.

6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.1

Quite frankly, $22 for a class is NYC is a steal. Most studios dont even give you that price per class when you buy like 20 of their classes at once. But, there’s a reason why those other studios charge so much - their luxury. Spin is always what you make it and if you can find an instructor with good music, it doesn’t matter what kind of bikes the studio has.



Class Breakdown: 45 Minutes

Warm up





Gear needed for class:

Spin shoes - free, yes FREE


On ClassPass?:

It is!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

The Astor Place location has a blow out bar in the locker rooms! So book that shit for after class, maybe before a night out.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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