CorePower Yoga


PRICE: $32/class ($110(FM) $199/MO.)



*Core Power Bryant Park - Studio 2

*Core Power Bryant Park - Studio 2




The Williamsburg space is HUGE. When you first walk in, it feels like your in a lululemon shop. There are cute workout clothes for daysss. They also have two studios at this location. Makes for many class times to adhere to all your scheduling needs. We love the down to earth vibe of the staff and the minimalist yet trendy studio decor.



(When we went) The EQ was brand New!! Since all equipment is a $ add on, the maintenance on these mats and towels is pristine. Though it’s a bit costly to keep using their equipment, the upside is that everything you are using is kept up to snuff. 



The instructors do a great job of showing you the moves before you reenact - we cant remember everything so that little refresher before each ass move is needed. Once the demonstration is over, the instructor comes around and perfects everyone's form. Some people may not like a stranger grabbing their bodies and pushing them to one side, but we're big fans! There is always room for improvement and improved form means a better workout! 



*Above - CorePower Bryant Park

*Above - CorePower Bryant Park

Major major sweat factor. Imagine having to do burpees in 90 degree heat?? Ya its rough. But we love it! The added heat factor to the pilates and yoga elements really takes hot yoga to a new level!


5. MUSIC: 7.4

The music balance between a yoga flow and a pilates push in this class is crucial. You want a more of a calming sound during the flow, and an uplifted beat during the toning. The instructors did a great job of aligning the timing and beat of the music to each the section of the class. 


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.5

We loved the incorporation of yoga and pilates - yogalaties? Not only did we got a little ohmmm in, but we also sculpted those arms, legs, ass, and abs - phew! We are definitely coming back here. Depressed our free week is over :(




*Above - CorePower Bryant Park Studio Entrance

*Above - CorePower Bryant Park Studio Entrance


Finally, a yoga class we can get in to! We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, if we’re not dripping in sweat by the time we leave class, then were probably not going be coming back. This is why we're always a little skeptical to spend an hour in a yoga class (we’ve got places to go, people to see and we want to sweat!). BUT as The Class Cult, we are determined to give you the inside scoop on every single boutique fitness classes in NYC. We hit them all until we try them all. So, when CorePower opened up a few blocks from our apartment, we knew we had to try it! The first class we tried was Yoga Sculpt - partly because of scheduling convenience and partly because anything with sculpt in the title has us believing we’ll leave class having been chiseled and sculpted into the bodies of a Victoria Secret model. (Still working on that part...)

The class incorporated elements of Pilates and yoga - all occurring in a heated room (heated, like 90-degrees heated). Pilates alone makes us sweat enough as it is, let alone adding a 90-degree room to the mix. The class is broken down into yoga flows, then targeted toning movements, two more flows and some more targeted toning exercises. If you’re looking for a class that maintains the pace of yoga, but incorporates a full body toning element, may we suggest.. CorePower Yoga. This studio can be found nationwide and has just making its debut in NYC. If the free week doesn’t entice you to try, we don't know what will!


Class Breakdown: 45 minutes

*Above - Inside CorePower Lobby Bryant Park

*Above - Inside CorePower Lobby Bryant Park

2x Flows

1x Arms

1x Legs

2x Flows

1x Ass

1x Abs


Gear needed for class:

Mat - $3

Towel - $2



On ClassPass?:

Not in NY, but you get your first week free by signing up online. 


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

You have to pay for towels (even body towel for the shower) so, if you are part of the AM workout crew - make sure to bring your own! We weren’t so happy about this either :/

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @CorePowerYoga