PRICE: $34/Class


SWEAT FACTOR: 💧💧💧💧/5  - (This would be a 5 if it wasn't kept so nice and coooool)

*Above - Flatiron Studio

*Above - Flatiron Studio


You’ve got your hot yoga classes, hot pilates, and even hot cycling. From our perspective, it has always seemed like hotter room = more sweat = more calories burned, Right? Well a new NYC studio is dispelling that belief. The brand new Brrrn studio in Flatiron (opened in March) is based on the science behind your body burning more calories and working harder when it is cold. (Makes sense right?) You’re body is trying to keep itself warm, therefore expending more calories. All benefits from a cooler class temperature include: burning more calories, burning fat, feeling less cold. Apparently, heat limits the body's ability to perform at its best. We’re not scientists, so we’ll let you get the full rundown from the studio, but you get the gist. They offer three different types of classes, all take place in a room 55 degrees or colder.

1st Degree: 55 degrees, low impact, yoga-like class. Think the exact opposite of your typical Y7 class.

2nd Degree: 50 degrees, slide board series. This is a total cardio workout involving mostly core and legs. Probably unlike any type of workout you have ever done. You use slide boards and special booties during class. This is a MUST try class.

3rd Degree: 45 degrees, HIIT series using battle ropes. You know those two ropes that KILL your arms? The format of this class is similar to Barry’s, but replace the treadmills with battle ropes. So, half the class is doing floor workouts while the other half is working on the ropes. It’s INTENSE!

The class begins when the instructor locks the freezer door. Yes, the door to the class is an insulated freezer door that keeps the temperature in the studio. If you don’t believe us, just check out the thermometer. But, the room does not feel as cold as you may think. There is no need to wear layered clothing for the class. There is not wind chill, so you’re it’s not your typical blistery 45 degree day in NYC. If you really feel like you may need it, we suggest wearing something that you can take off, though it’s cold, you will get pretty sweaty!

When it is hot as fuck outside (like it is today) you probably won’t see us going to Y7 to sweat it out. Matching a hot yoga room to this heat, nooo thank you. Our new summer hang out spot is the BRRRN studio. We really enjoyed the cold aspect of class, not only was it something that we haven’t experienced before (we aren't too prone to running outdoors in the winter), but it was an amazing workout. And it’s not just a studio for the summer, in the winter (or summer if you so choose), there is a luxe infrared sauna on site that you can warm yourself up in. Just $34 per session. You might even find it similar to a ski in, ski out lodge… we’re into it.

*Pictured: Brrrn Entrance/Workout Room Entrance 

*Pictured: Brrrn Entrance/Workout Room Entrance 




This brand spanking new studio has it all - gender identifying bathrooms, luxury showers, and an infrared sauna. The decor of the studio is resemblant of a ski lodge in Aspen, even the staff wears beanies and fingerless gloves. You’ll find yourself locked into class by a freezer door with attached thermometer if you don’t believe the freezing temps. Completely luxe and completely different than any other studio we’ve experienced. The studio theme is keyyy.



Not only is the studio equipment brand new, but it’s super high end. AKA they sprung for the best shit. Something that really caught out eye were the dumbells. You know those dumbbells with the silver, hard metal rods in the middle? They almost have like a rough cut on them for gripping purposes. Ya, those. They KILL our hands when we’re told to do a push up with them then lift. The dumbbells at Brrrn are grade A. They have a soft grip in the middle as oppose to that pesky metal bar. Yet another thing we wish we thought of.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 8.7

*Above - Inside Studio

*Above - Inside Studio

To keep with the ski lodge theme, the guy  instructors look like total lumberjacks. You know, the long scruffy beards and the impeccably broad shoulders (from chopping all that wood). But, onto what matters… are they motivating? We think so. We would say we’re pretty good with upper body, but using the battle ropes takes it to a new level. When we thought our arms couldn’t hold the ropes above our heads any longer, the instructors pushed us to our limits with so much energy and so much inspiration. The best part, this isn't one of those studios where you're only going to get a good workout. Every instructor at Brrrn is so knowledgeable in the craft and has the energy to really boost you.



It’s hard to completely gauge sweat factor for this class. On one hand, we left class completely red in the face and feeling completely worked. But, on the other hand the below 50 degree temperatures really kept our body from fully dripping sweat. We’re giving it on a score on the higher end of the spectrum because despite the cooler temps, we were still sweating well after class.


5. MUSIC: 7.4

Everything was fast paced, matching the flow of the class. There were even some throwbacks in there that we were FEELING. Big thumbs up to the Spotify playlist curators.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.3

We have to give this studio major points for ingenuity. There really is no other class like this in NYC, or maybe anywhere? This studio is at the top of our recommendations list. Go for it, try something new! You’ll be thanking us in the midst of this heat wave that is Manhattan.

*Above: Infrared Sauna

*Above: Infrared Sauna


Class Breakdown: 45 Minutes

Varies based on class type

1st Degree: 45 Minutes

2nd Degree: 40 Minutes

3rd Degree: 40 minutes


Gear USED/needed for class:

Booties for the 2nd Degree class - $2 to rent


On ClassPass?:

It is! For now...


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

We'd recommend a LOT of stretching before the class to really warm up your body before pushing it through a cool workout class as one of us had some issues pushing our knees in the cold. 

Signed, The Class Cult.

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