PRICE: $25/Class

LOCATION: Flatiron



**IF ITS SWEATY, ARE THERE SHOWERS: No showers, but you can def get away with a little dry shampoo before going to work.

THE CULT’s Commentary:

*Pictured: Studio Entrance

*Pictured: Studio Entrance

BodyRok definition: a class that will  sculpt your body until it’s rock hard. Get it? For real if we did this class all month we know we’d have rock hard abs. So you’ll definitely catch us back at this studio. BodyRok claims what they can do in 40 minutes is far more powerful than what you get in another hour long class. And rightfully so because they waist no time getting to the workout. Their “warm up” is more like a full on abs section and there is no cool down. Just shred your core then peace out. Honestly found it a little odd, especially since there wasn’t another class for 20 minutes. We could have taken a 3 minute stretch.

The format of the class is quite different from your regular reformer Pilates class. Not once did we lay on the carriage. You only used the carriage as a way to create resistance. It was much different than our experience at NY Pilates. We found ourselves having to modify some of the moves because our legs and arms were BURNING. Where as in NY Pilates it’s less of a burn out and more of a Pilates yoga mix. Catch our drift? Needless to say, our abs are still sore. And we’ll be back for more!

*Pictured: Front Desk

*Pictured: Front Desk




Nothing flashing about this studio. They’re all about the machines. What is strange though is that what you walk in you enter in the studio and have to walk through the class space to get to the front desk. Luckily there is 20 minutes between classes so people won’t be disrupting your workout.  



It’s all about the BodyRok mega reformers - no extra equipment needed. Just the pure resistance that the machine creates makes dumbbells look like nothing. The reformers seem quite new and are kept very clean. We have definitely formed a love/hate relationship with these machines.  

3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 6.9

TBH we really haven’t found an instructor we loved. Our last instructor was just SO unenthusiastic. Her motivational words were almost forced. Don’t get us wrong she killed us, especially in the ab region, but there is something to be said for an instructor who you can tell loves the practice.

*Pictured: BodyRok Reformers

*Pictured: BodyRok Reformers



Not a super high sweat factor for this class. We got away with using a little dry shampoo post class, before heading to work. It's really all about burning out your muscles, so little movements that aren't going to make you sweat a whole lot but are going to make you sore to your core.

5. MUSIC: 8.2

We love the music selection and volume in this class. Sometimes in these pilates classes, you get more low key/mellow music that really isn't at the forefront of the class. At BodyRok the music is bumping. And we love it because when were shredding our core and glutes we need that distraction.

6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 7.7

For all you ladies looking to sculpt and tone THIS is the place. Never have our abs been so god damn sore! But of course in the best way. Definitely one of the better Pilates classes we’ve taken.



Class Breakdown: 40 Minutes

Warm Up (more like an ab section)




No stretching ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gear needed for class:

Pilates socks optional - unless you hate feet


On ClassPass?:

Yes ma’am. The peak classes book pretty quickly though so plan in advance!


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

We found a free code for you first timers. Use code ROKYOURBODY at checkout. You’re welcome.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @BodyRokStudio