Body By Simone


PRICE: $35/class



*Above - BBS - During Class

*Above - BBS - During Class




We have to talk about the location. It is far AF. 26th & 11th ave far - aka no subways that get you anywhere close to the studio, basically in the Hudson River. Even so, they regularly sell out classes and have a major following. Back to the studio, they have a tons of space - two studios plus a room for private classes. Everything you need is there in terms of shower/pampering equipment.



The equipment needed for classes is mainly comprised of free weights, booty bands, and sliders (everything needed to absolutely kick your ass). All items are every so neatly placed into this wall organizer. We LOVE organization and cleanliness in case you haven’t noticed.


3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 9.0

The instructors are all gorgeous New York City Rockettes. You know, the girls with the impossibly long legs and killer dance moves? On their off season, the majority of them spend their time keeping themselves in shape teaching at the BBS studio. If we do enough classes we’ll look like them right? If you’re familiar with Amanda Kloots, she came out of this studio. Also our faves, the City Fit Life ladies. 


*Above - BBS - Studio Space after class

*Above - BBS - Studio Space after class


Cardio combined with toning always makes us sweat, which is why we LOVE these dance cardio classes. Their HBT class is so good, it made us sore for days. Highly suggest if you are looking to tone the lower body region.  


5. MUSIC: 7.3

Music is mostly comprised of top 40 remixes. Songs are always super upbeat in order to go along with the dance moves. But, unlike in 305, the dance routines are always paired with different music depending on the instructor. So you can be doing the same choreography to different songs.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.0

This class is ass kicking and so much fun! You know, all the qualities we look for in a workout class. It is definitely worth making the trek over to the Hudson River if you have not tried the class already. Especially if you’re not into all the booty twerking that is 305.  




*Above - BBS In-Class

*Above - BBS In-Class


We first discovered Body By Simone about two years ago. It was our first introduction to dance cardio and we became obsessed. We were so in love that we would be on ClassPass every day at 12pm trying to snag the only spot in their 6:30pm class. This was back when studios only alloted a certain amount of spots through ClassPass and BBS only let 1 person from ClassPass into each one of their am or pm classes (aka the only time we could ever go). So, if we wanted to dream of getting in class, we had to sign up within the one second after ClassPass opened the schedules for the next week or pray that someone cancelled out at the exact time we were looking at the app. Needless to say, it was madness. When we did get into class, It seemed as though the only other people in class were Chelsea housewives who could afford the $375/month unlimited class price tag. Nowadays, us ClassPass plebeians can get into a BBS dance cardio class at the price of 17-22 credits.  We think it’s definitely still worth it.

Body By Simone was created by dancer turned celebrity trainer, Simone De La Rue. You may have seen her on Khloe Kardashian’s revenge body or on every hot female celebrity’s instagram. Her clientele include: Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Lori Loughlin (aka Rebecca from Full House), and Khloe Kardashian - basically everyone in hollywood with a hot bod. Simone created this workout on the basis that if you work out like a dancer, you’ll have the body of a dancer. Their instructors perfectly encapsulate this mentality as 90% of them were/are New York City Rockettes. Aka tall, gorgeous, legs for days.

There are 4 types of classes at this studio - Dance Cardio, Full Body, Hip Thighs & Buns (our face), and Trampoline Cardio. All involve some element of dance, but if you aren’t the super coordinated type, we suggest starting with Full Body or HTB. These classes are toning based, interspersed with dance cardio combinations. If you’ve read the blog from the beginning, you know we’re obsessed with dance cardio classes - mainly 305 fitness. Though both classes are dance cardio based, the two studios are very different. Simone De La Rue came from a dance background and incorporated her experience into her fitness studio. So, you'll find that the moves at BBS are more jazz and ballet based as opposed to 305 moves that are less technical and more twerking and hip hop based. We are obsessed with the HTB class - it incorporates the use of booty bands and sliders and will kill your lower body area. The kind of burn that we love! We definitely suggest this class for anyone who ever did ballet or jazz growing up and loved it. It’s the perfect combo of dance and toning.


*Above - BBS Front Desk 

*Above - BBS Front Desk 


Class Breakdown: 60 minutes

2 Dance Combinations


2 Dance Combinations


4 Dance Combinations (review from beginning of class)



Gear needed for class:

Booty Bands - provided!!


On ClassPass?:

Yeahh (sign up as soon as the class goes up!)


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

If you want to ease into the full blown dance cardio class - start with HBT or the Full Body class. You’ll get a KILLER workout (we were sore for a few days) and get introduced to the dance cardio combinations.

Signed, The Class Cult.

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