Barry's Bootcamp


PRICE: $36/class



*Above - Barry's NoHo

*Above - Barry's NoHo




Minus points for no water fountain! Though NYC does have a great water system, we need filtered water for class please. Otherwise, as we stated above, we would come here in the am just to use their showers before work. There is also a smoothie bar in studio. This is the am workout dreammm situation if you ask us.



Even Equinox doesn’t have treadmills as good as these. The typical gym treadmill really amps up our shin splints i.e. why we switched to the classpass life. Barry’s treadmills have some kind of absorbing element that makes running on these treadmills a breeze. Also, they clean your mat for you! None of this spray bottle and damp towel shit. Other studios, take note.



The instructors in this class are like your personal trainer. They’re not going to necessarily do the moves with you, but they are going to scream at you to go faster and work harder.


*Above - Barry's NoHo

*Above - Barry's NoHo


Sprinting AND toning?? You best believe you are going to leave this class dripping in sweat. Not to be totally gross, but we had sweat puddles on our mats. Apologies to the clean up crew.


5. MUSIC: 8.9

As always, very dependant on instructor. All classes are typically set to a playlist that makes you want to run your heart out. We approve.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.8

This class is not cheap - but, you will still see those die hard customers going everyday (crazy because they don't even offer an unlimited membership). All things aside, the fact that Barry’s is on classpass is miraculous gift from the classpass gods and we take advantage as much as we can.  





*Above - Barry's NoHo

*Above - Barry's NoHo

Hot guy alert!!! In the movies, girls will meet guys at the gym. But in real life, we just really do not understand how this happens. Like, do you start talking to guys at the drinking fountain or spot him while he’s lifting weight and then he decides to ask you out while you’re looking sweaty as hell? No. Not to mention if you are a classpasser there typically aren’t any men, gay or straight, in these boutique fitness classes. Well, let us tell you, all the hot, older (presumably rich based on the price of this class) men work out at Barry’s Bootcamp. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. The type of workout is pretty much what guys do at the gym. You have your weight training and treadmill-running cardio elements. Just throw in an instructor screaming at you to run faster and you have a Barry’s class.

For those of you who don’t know, Barry’s Bootcamp is a high-intensity workout that combines interval running with weight training/body toning. Each day there is a different body area focus – full body, arms/abs, butt/legs and chest/back/abs. But, every class you are alternating floor workouts with running intervals. Personally, if we’re going to be running at an 8 speed and a 4% incline, you will not see us signing up for leg day - pretty sure our legs would immediately turn to spaghetti. So, we stick to the full body or arms and abs classes.

The instructors do a really great job of matching the music to the intensity of the workout. So, if they are asking you to sprint at a 8-11 speed, the beat is about to drop and the music is pushing you faster and faster.

Lastly, we have to mention the Oribe products in the showers. We are SO here for this! If we're paying top dollar for class you best be wiping down our mats and providing the best products in the locker rooms – none of this drug store shampoo and janky blow dryers. One of the best locker room situation I have seen thus far.

*Above - Barry's Custom Tread

*Above - Barry's Custom Tread


Class Breakdown: 45 minutes

2 or 3 rounds alternating (depending on the instructor)–

    3x on the treadmill (unless you take double-floor - yes, thats an option)

    3x floor work 


Gear needed for class:

Everything is provided.


On ClassPass?:

Yes, but extremely hard to get into during popular times (aka the time you can go if you work a 9-5)


🙏🏼 Pro Tip(s):

- They do not have a water fountain. If you are bringing an empty water bottle to class, you’ll have to fill it up in the bathroom sink. Now, I think Barry’s has some great amenities, but like not having a filtered water fountain? That’s pretty basic. Luckily, New York has some clean ass water.

- We're not fan's of the TriBeCa or Chelsea locations. They're both too small for how many people they cram in there and the TriBeCa need a facelift (and new equipment).

Signed, The Class Cult.

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