PRICE: $35/Class



*Above - TriBeCa Front Entrance 

*Above - TriBeCa Front Entrance 


Our new favorite word is sculpt. So many of the classes we’ve been loving lately are called - dance cardio sculpt, sculpt, yoga sculpt, etc. It’s almost like a new-age pilates class; one that digs deeper into your core and really makes you feel like you’re body is still burning those cals long after class is over. So, we went on the hunt to find more of these 'sculpt' classes. One that we’ve seen all over Instagram is Bari and we’re giving you the lowdown right here, right now.

There are two kinds of classes offered at Bari: Sculpt and Bounce (with different variations of each) + a Dance class Bari throws on the schedule every now and again.

- The 'Sculpt' class is a low-impact toning class that uses hanging resistance bands, squishy exercise balls, and gliders. You might not sweat a whole lot in class, but you’ll be feeling the burn.

- 'Bounce' is their cardio style class that involves a lot of jumping on individual trampolines. But, don’t be discouraged, it was much easier to pick up than Spiderbands' version. Everything is in a "1,1,2,2" combination and you alternate between the trampoline and using the resistance bands. It’s a serious workout and you might not always know what you're doing the first time around, but it is so worth it. Their signature is their suspended resistance bands. The resistance bands hang from the ceiling and are dispersed throughout the class and add that extra intensity to your workout. We think this is where that sculpt aspect comes in. We're also big fans of the ceiling-bands because it gives everyone a little breathing room in the studio so you're not on top of each-other, especially for some of those students who struggle with depth perception during class (you know who they are).

You will have to make the trek out to Leonard street in Tribeca to experience Bari, so unless, you work/live in the area its a tad inconvenient, but worth it. The distance, can be tough if your are a morning workout person (like we’re trying to be). The studio may only have 2 showers, but doesn’t bode a problem as most people who attend the studio live in the area and shower at home. AKA, more room for us to blowout our hair post-class. most posh NYC fitness studios, Bari is heading out east to Montauk for the summer (woop, woop), so you can find them at none other than the Surf Lodge. Classes are a whopping $40, but you get to do it outside on the water so it evens out the price right?

*Pictured: Entrance / lockers that lead into workout room.

*Pictured: Entrance / lockers that lead into workout room.




We are obsessed with the decor in this studio (as is everyone else on Instagram). The walls are covered in banana leaf wallpaper print and is decorated with white and gold accents in what seems to be in accordance with the recent Australian, simple, tropical, beach decor thats taking over NYC (i.e. Two Hands, Ruby's, Bluestone Lane, etc.). They even have custom Bari scented candles that you can purchase at the studio #goals. There are two studios and two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. For the small space that they have, they really make great use of it.



The equipment in the studio matches that tropical theme that we were talking about earlier. Everything is accented with gorgeous greens along with the Bari brand's triangle logo. The carefully thought out branding does give a lil' 'extra' element to the studio. In order to keep up with their posh customer base of Instagrammers (like us), the studio pulls out all the stops.



*Above - Inside studio with bands on trampoline. 

*Above - Inside studio with bands on trampoline. 

3. INSTRUCTOR(s): 7.8

How these instructors bounce and yell to instruct at the same time, we will never know. We were barely able to catch our breath, and we weren’t doing any of the yelling. To date, we haven’t taken any instructors who were completteee rockstars, but they got definitely the job done. They know their craft and are talented in the art of 'sculpting'.



The sweat factor depends on the type of class.

For the 'Bounce' classes you are going to sweat, a LOT. Jumping on a trampoline may bring you back to your childhood on what was a seemingly fun activity. This is not that (but definitely keeps you entertained). The trampoline workout is constant jumping = constant use of the core and legs. This major cardio workout gets sizable sweat points.

Where they lose a couple points on the sweat scale is the 'Sculpt' classes. These are low impact but major burn. You’re probably not going to need a hand towel to wipe the sweat off your forehead, but you’re going to get the best toning workout there is.


5. MUSIC: 7.7

We were pleasantly surprised with the playlist for this class. Usually we bag on instructors just playing a random Spotify playlist that has nothing to do with the class, but the beats in this class were perfectly synced to each movement in the workout. This is what we are talking about!! When instructors plan their choreography to that fast or slow beat, it makes allllll the difference. So, we appreciate the extra attention to detail.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 8.0

We highly recommend this studio for anyone who is looking to #sculptandtone. This studio does a great job of using 'toys' like tramps, resistance bands, exercise balls, and gliders to get deep into your core and tone your muscles. Though there are only two different types of classes (more or less) you really get the full range of the workout spectrum from cardio to toning. So, try it out and let us know what you think. We guarantee your abs will be burning for days.

*Above: Abs-portion of class

*Above: Abs-portion of class


Class Breakdown: 45 Minutes

Warm up



(interchangeable use of the dangling resistance bands)


Gear needed for class:

Just your sneakers! (extra supportive ones for the trampoline classes)


On ClassPass?:

It is! At only 10 credits a class too.


🙏🏼 Pro Tip:

You CAN do the trampoline class.

Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @TheBariStudio