((305)) Fitness






*Above - ((305)) Murray Hill

*Above - ((305)) Murray Hill




GIRL POWER is the theme of the studio. Have to give extra points for this. You can sometimes find paintings of nipples or playboys on the walls. We are here for itttt. Only thing that knocks the score down is shower space at the West Village location. It seems everyone is showering after every class (especially mornings). Two showers just isn’t gonna cut it! Plan your day accordingly ladies.



Bumpin and grindin doesn’t necessarily require any dumbbells or reformers. However, in order to give you a full body workout, this studio adds an arm, legs, abs, or ass section in the middle of class. The bulk of the equipment is composed of dumbbells that could use a little update.



These instructors are LIT. Not sure how they maintain a high energy facade while doing 3-4 classes a day (some even at other studios). They are, dare I say, as good as Beyoncé’s back up dancers.



*In-Class - 305 West Village 

*In-Class - 305 West Village 

This is high intensity cardio for an hour. Though it may not test your strength like an HIIT class, jumping around for a straight hour will be sure to achieve the calorie burn you were looking for.


5. MUSIC: 9.7

There is a live dj in class, need I say more?? The music that the dances are choreographed to are insane remixes of all types of dance music. Name another class that has that…. I’ll wait.


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - $$$: 9.3

Would go back to 305 over and over and over again. And we do! The perfect answer for those who love to dance in the club, but hate the Saturday morning hangover. Classes are not cheap, but so worth it! For newcomers, you get two classes for the price of one - take advantage.

*Above - ((305)) Murray Hill

*Above - ((305)) Murray Hill



I have to start out by saying I love to dance. I love loud music. And I love to sweat. ((305)) Fitness is like if SoulCycle and Zumba had a super trendy daughter with a dj boyfriend that her parents never approved of.  This is hands down my favorite class in New York. The studio atmosphere is an explosion of pink female empowerment décor combined with swanky Miami vibes. The name ((305)) comes from the Miami area code and each class encompasses all that of a typical night at the infamous LIV nightclub.

At first, you may think - well I’m not a dancer, I’m not going to do well in this class. While your first class may be a little hard to follow, don’t be discouraged because by your second class, you’ll be twerkin’ and booty poppin’ like a pro. Even my hot 55-year-old mama was able to keep up. You might also be on the other side of the spectrum like, “You mean I get to shake my ass and sweat at the same time?!

#dreamcometrue.” I have to say, I was more on this side. Back in the day I used to hit the dance flo at NYC’s hottest clubs. But, I digress. The best part of this class is that when you leave, you will have had so much fun, you won’t even remember that you worked out. I have brought dancers and non-dancers alike to this class and the consensus is the same – Love, love, love! If you’re still feeling a little intimidated, bring your Saturday night girl squad. You’ll get the same live out loud moment without having to surpass a doorman in your high heels and miniskirts.

I am throwing out a 9.2 for this class -highest score to date- for overall fun to sweat ratio, uniqueness (who else has a live dj in every class?), and the love your body/GIRL power message that the company progressively depicts in every single class.

*Above - ((305)) Murray Hill

*Above - ((305)) Murray Hill


Class Breakdown: 55 minutes

10-minute warm up

2-minute sprint

30 minutes of dancing

5-minute toning

10-minute hip-hop section - priceless


Items needed for class:

Knowledge in the art of twerking



Sadly, no


🙏🏼Pro Tip:

Your Nike Airs are not going to cut it for this class. Ya, they look super cute with your monochromatic gym outfit, but they will not support your feet during 55 minutes of straight jumping.

Also, for first timers/non-dancers - learn the 'grapevine'. You’ll thank me later.


Signed, The Class Cult.

Check 'em out on IG: @305fitness