We strive to deliver an inside look at the studio’s instructors, facilities, and overall effectiveness of the work out.

How we score:

We rate classes on a 1-10 scale in each of the following categories:



Does the studio have a fresh, sleek + check decor? Does it flow? Does the class have enough room and space for everyone to do the exercise? For those AM class takers: Do they have showers?


2. STUDIO EQUIPMENT (this is a biggie for us)💎: 1-10

Was the studio’s equipment up-to-date and clean? 


3. INSTRUCTOR 🙏🏼: 1-10

Did the instructor have a positive effect on our workout? Did they motivate us, give an appropriate amount of instruction, and help perfect our form? 


4. SWEAT FACTOR 💧: 1-10

Did we leave the class feeling like we got what we were promised?

Were we dripping in sweat, or did we feel like we would have rather spent the last hour of our lives somewhere else?


5. MUSIC 🔥: 1-10

Does the music push you harder? Was the playlist appropriate for the class + the class’ flow? 


6. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH 💲: 1-10

These boutique classes can get very expensive; roughly $35+ for 45 minutes.

We are aware that there is a lot of cost behind keeping a studio up to date, clean, and that the cost of space in Manhattan isn’t exactly cheap. But given the circumstances, would we go back and spend the money again? 



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